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Discussion in 'Pork' started by wirenutt, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. Hello everyone

    Well, this is to be my 2nd attempt at smoking. My 1st was last weekend, but unfortunately i was using my new smoke hollow #6. I trusted the thermometer that came on the was almost 90 degrees off!!! With advice from this site, i checked the thermo in boiling my surprise it was around 211 degrees, so i then went out and bought a digital probe thermo. to make a long story short, the factory thermo that came on this unit did not have a probe on it long enough to extend through the door completely...thus giving an inaccurate i will use a digital for smoker temps as well. The smoker even on its lowest setting still would not maintain a low enough temp to smoke, so i added a gas valve before the burner so i can get below the factory set "safe minimum" temp...did a test run and was able to hold temps as low as 200.
    I will be trying a butt with jeffs rub on it using the tried and true method most everyone on this site is using....wish me luck!!! LOVE THIS SITE[​IMG] thanks, Blake
  2. richtee

    richtee Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    WooHOO! You go and kick that butt, Blake! Mmm can smell the thin blue and sizzling mop now... SSssss... :{)
  3. Thanks Rich!
    i do have one question for you. when using a digital thermo for smoker temps, can the probe be touching the grate or will that give a bad reading?? i have a small piece of ss wire that i made a hook from, i was planning on hanging it under the grate that i will be cooking on.
  4. travcoman45

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    Well good luck on the smoke! Besure to post us some q-view!
  5. richtee

    richtee Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Typically, probes measure temps at their tip. Now...heat CAN travel down the length from the rear and afftect the reading thru conduction, but it's a slight issue. Avoid contact with the grate if you can if you can't... I doubt it'll be much of a problem since the tip is buried into the meat.
  6. ibsmoking

    ibsmoking Smoke Blower

    I use a small piece of wood and drilled a hole in it and put the probe in it. that will keep it about in inch or so off the grate
  7. capt dan

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    don't put the probe UNDER the grate, put it where the meat is gonna be, on top of the grate![​IMG] Your post says that the therm you had read 211 degrees in boiling water, thats only 1 degree off!
  8. smokeys my pet

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    Wirenutt, Glad the mod worked for ya. If I set the dial on the front of the smoker to the lowest setting and back the inline valve down I CAN MAINTAIN 150* which is great for fish jerky and things of that nature!!!!!!!!!!!Again good luck with all your smokin adventures and thanks for the points!!!!!!!!!!![​IMG]
  9. thanks for the guys are great!! well, the time is growing near...i can already smell the smoke! just finished rubbing down my butt so i need to get it back in fridge. plan on starting 5am in morning so we can have some Q for supper[​IMG]

    will try to post some pics..thanks again
  10. Hey IB....

    ROLL TIDE!!!
  11. how did it go?...your not going to share are you?[​IMG]

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