The smoke is on!!

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Smoking Fanatic
Original poster
Jun 26, 2007
Central Ohio
Well went yesterday and got a butt and rubbed it down and left it in the fridge at work. Got here about 1:00 this morning and had the butt in the smoker by 1:15.
Getting ready to start spraying with apple juice. Hope to be at 205 by 9:30 so it can rest for 2 hours and be ready for lunch by 11:30!! Got some deer steaks in marinade that will be put in later and I think someone was bringing a few turkey breast also. I'm already getting hungry!
How about you head on up and see and taste for yourself, thats better than pictures! Not sure what part of KY your in but I'm sure you can get here by the time its done.
i would. i'm in south central- an hour nw of nashville & 45 minutes from dumas walkers. glasgow is about 45 mins east from bowling green (where corvettes are born) - you're about 5 hrs from me. where in ohio are you? we may all get up together soon.
I work in Columbus but live about 30 miles southwest. Love it down in KY, been to Lake Cumberland several time and several other state parks. Used to go camping down there a lot when I was a kid.
Whats going on in Summersville? Never been to the lake but been rafting on the New a few times. Beautifull country down there. Have some realatives in Elkins WV and used to spend a lot of time down there in the woods and streams during the summer. They had a cabin way up in the hills that had a nice little steam behind it that was full of trout. I would walk the stream fishing for trout and after about a mile or so it dumps into the East Fork river and then I would fish it for smallies!
Just added the 3rd round of chips, apple wood, and the temp is up to 125. Got the smoker temp settled in right at 230. Had to adjust a few times at the start but should be on track to be done by lunch time!! Man it smells good, dont know what I'll do till lunch.
Well just wrapped it up in foil. I let it go to 160 cause last time I did one I wrapped it at 145 and didnt think there was enough smoke flavor so I thought by letting it go a little longer I would get a little more smoke. Anyway I think I'm on track to be done by lunch time.
I'm in downtown Columbus. Where was the meat and when is lunch?

Just kidding...sort of ;).

Take care,

I am over by plant/site 8 for Anderson's concrete. I work behind the airport. I wonder if work would let me bring my smoker in. I have "sponsored" lunch a few times, well I did the cooking part the group paid for the supplies.

Take care and cherish that job ;).

Take care,

Dont ask, just bring it in and once they smell it nobody will say a thing except "when is lunch".
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