The perfect day !!

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meat~smoker in n.j.

Meat Mopper
Original poster
Jan 1, 2007
south river,
YIPPIE..... Sunshine is finally here .... after all the rain & cold we just had ( major flooding) (I lucked out my sump pumps didn`t go out !! my neighbor`s had 2ft in there basement`s !!)... mother nature or should i say the Dear Lord has given us blue skies , temps to go up in the 70`s & low wind or no breeze at all !!!!! I`m getting ready to fire up the smoker toady i will do a beef sirloin tip roast , was rubbed and in fridge all nite , pork spare ribs ,gett`n ready now ,italian sausage , & keilbasi .... ok all have a great day & i will get picks up later today .....

some towns & nearby parking decks close to the river`s are still under water !!!!
What is that strange yellow object in the sky????
Was able to get to work yesterday without any detours for flooding..
The back yard is dry enough to walk in without squishing...Got the grill rebuilt with a new the smoker cleaned up, and did a test run with a couple of some ribs all rubbed with Meoweys rub...ready for tomorrow..looks like the bike comes out tomorrow also...
Looks like it's going to be another beautiful day
well i would give an arm for your rain, and some flooding would be more than welcome .we are a long way into a very bad drought most people are now on water restrictions no watering gardens allowed no car washing no garden hoses for any reason ,thye are even talking about stopping farm irrigation soon . the latest is if there is no rain within the next 3 or 4 weeks vegies are going to be to expensive for the average family to buy , anyway these things were sent to test us , but we just about had enough of this test .
Not good to hear that at all Johno. Sounds like a bad situation all the way around. Sure do hope you get some rain soon.

Reminds me alot of one of my favorite songs... Nanci Griffith " Trouble in These Fields" If you can, take a listen on
Droughts are bad but I'd trade a short one to get rid of the mildew in my cellar right now!

This may be the first summer in a while we don't get rationed.

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