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  1. I got three Boston butts and marinated two in Captain Morgan and apple juice. I applied a dry rub to the third one the night of the third and applied the rub to the other two right before I started the smoker. The smoker came with a vent and thermometer, but I want to replace the thermometer anyway because it's approximately 40 degrees off and there doesn't appear to be a way to calibrate it. I guess I could mentaly subtract 40 degrees from what it reads as I'm cooking. Anyway, I poured the marinade into the water pan, added apple juice and apple chips and the smoke was underway. I served the dinner about six hours later and everyone loved it. The only trouble is that I forgot which roast I hadn't marinated in the CP and apple juice.
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    now this is just me....but if you couldn't tell which one had the captain time i'd use the juice to soak'em all and throw the captain on the rocks!!![​IMG]
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    I agree, if you couldn't taste the marinade in the meat, save the rum for drinking.

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