The Inlaw's wanted more

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They got a major drool factor goin' on there!
Awesome smokering too!
An excellent looking bark on those ribs...what did you do to get it? They look absolutely delicious........

thanks for posting...

The bark is from using Jeff''s rub recipe. Tastes great and easy to make. and well worth the money. His sauce is also very good. Other than that, LOW and SLOW. They all tasted great, the beef was a big hit. My first time for beef ribs. Very cheap too, that rack was only five bucks. I thought the only way to get tender beef ribs was to cook them in a crock pot. Wrong! Ill' be doing more of those bad boy's. Debi, thanks for the offer but one mother-in-law is more then enough, but you can come anytime to visit and enjoy the grub!
I never tried beef ribs yet, but after seeing what you did with your's that's what's going in the smoker next. Great looking job of smoking.
My wife use to use the crock pot method
Never again. I have said on other post that it is hard to find good racks of beef ribs here. But we do get great invidual beef bone or short ribs. I tend to marinade in Mojo, then into an aluminum pan for the smoke process. Come out pretty darn good that way. Did you do 3-2-1?
Might have to spring for Jeffs rub. What all do you get?
I used the 3-2-1 but it turned out to be a 3-2-1 1/2
As for jeff's rub, you get the recipe and directions to make it.
It's very good and you can adjust to your liking if need be.
Search the forum here to see what others have said about it.
Good stuff and I believe it helps with the cost of running this forum.
Small price to pay for a good rub and a great forum.

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