The great Ground Beef Fatty experiment is underway

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May 21, 2006
Monroe, La
I finally finished all my "Honey-Do's" at about 11:00AM this morning and have finally got my smoke underway. :D I was working over close to the Mississippi line this week and stopped in a little county grocery store and to my amazement found Apple wood chips. That is unheard of around these parts. So here I go smoking up a Turkey breast and 2# of Ground beef fatties for use later in Taco's or Nacho's or something. Here are some before pics,

Apple Wood chips

My turkey breast rubbed down with EVOO and coated with Tony's creole seasoning,

My ground beef fatties that I took Dutch's advice and rolled in Taco seasoning mix before I put it in the smoker,

I will post some after pics when everything gets done. 8)
Here is a pic of the GB fatties when they came out after 3 hours;

I smoked them to 180 so they would crumble;

Here they are crumbled;

I tasted some of it and it is killer. I have turkey for tonight but I think tacos and nachos are on the agenda for tomorrow :D By the way the turkey breast looks great also, here is a pic of it.

The LSU and Auburn game is just coming on and I think I shall go observe the festivities 8)

Hope everyone has a great day today!
Rodger, Thanks for the food porn, I haven't been smoke'n nuffin lately. Been too busy looking at and going to clubs that serve food. I can almost smell it here.. Looks real good ...

Doug, I don't use ground beef in my chili ... I use cut up chunks of stew beef, rub it with seasonings and smoke it for 2 hours at 250 deg .. then chop it up to about 3/4" cubes and start to make the chili.. Gives the chili a nice smokey flavor.

When I make my chili meat, being pork or beef, I run it though on grind with a coarse head on the grinder. Just my $.02. :P
I usually use both ground beef and stew meat.

I tried it without the ground meat before and it just seemed to be missing something. At least that is the way we like it.

I'm going to have to try smoking both the ground meat and stew meat though. Sounds good.
Doug, I've smoked some 1X1X6-8 inch lengths of bottom round roast to about Medium rare doneness, using a moderate smoke. I've then ran them through a coarse grind in the grinder or I've cut them into cubes. The meat is still rare enough to release their juices into the stew and impart a hearty smokey flavor to the stew or chili.
Nope :roll:

edit: I still had a bag of the ground beef left, so I put some taco seasoning on it and made some more taco's tonight. Here is a pic of the meat;

And another after the water was added to the seasoning;

There is definitely nothing about the taste or texture of the meat that bears any resemblance to meat loaf. It is the best tasting ground beef that I have ever had to make taco's with and I can't wait to make my enchiladas. :D

I can't think of any tex/mex recipe that would not benefit from the smoked ground beef. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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