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larry maddock

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Sep 27, 2005


THE "WURSTFEST 2007"will be held
at hermannhof festhalle
on march 24 th....
saturday 9am to 5pm...

sample and purchase gourmet sausages
from our states finest sausage makers...

at stonehill winery pavillion there will be
sausage making demonstations---
also display of old time sausage
and wine making equiptment...

hermannhof festhalle and hotel 1 block from amtrac station..
stone hill winery pavillion is 1 mile from festhalle

there will be live german and oompah bands..
rhineland folk dancers...

admission is free...
parking is free..

there is a catch...
the beer and wine and sausage cost money...

I WILL BE THERE.... and ready to learn..

call hermann welcome center at 1-800-932-8687


mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, makes me wonder.....

Is that like in liverwurst....

Or was that misspelled, and should read WORST EXIBITION AND COMPETITION ? ? ? ? :shock::shock::shock::shock:
That's wurst as in leberwurst (liverwurst), bratwurst, etc. If you love wine, German beer or ANY German style sausage, this is the place to be.
I love Hermann. It's like you step from American 21st century right into 19th century Germany, but with modern cars.
The wife and I will be there. We never miss it.
Sounds like fun.... make sure and take some pics for us. And don't forget to have some samples for me.. and yes, remember the sauerkraut.....

Sounds like a good time Larry and Tom. Not sure how mobile I am and how often I can run with new youngun, but it's on the calender and I'll make a gallant effort to be there. Thanks for the heads up Larry.
hello hello,
due to my honey coming home from surgery today..
i will not be able to attend the "best of the wurst" festival..

i hope the other missouri folks from the forum can attend..
every one is welcome in hermann..

its a fun thing to do..
man I'd love to be there.....guess I'll just smoke some brats ups here......

larry, hope the little lady is doing well!!!!
I completely missed this thread, bummer deal since I was actually off that weekend. Sounds like the bash that goes on at Freistatt Mo every year... lots of music, food and of course the 'beir garten'. Usually have that in August though.
I work with a lady who is from Germany, she still goes back once a year to visit her mom. I would love to find a true bratvurst recipe. She says in Germany the wurst is long and skinny and sticks way out of each end of the bun. She she's never had really GOOD bratwurst here, only OK.

Have you ever heard of beringer (something like that). She said that is the absolute best in Germany but you can't get it everywhere.
BTW, I gave her a big bowl of my pulled pork and she said it was the BEST pork she has ever had.
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