The bad husband

Discussion in 'Jokes' started by skinnerc06, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. After work, instead of coming home, a man stopped at a bar for a couple drinks. His wife had told him not to do this many times before. So, after a while, 1 drink turned into 4 and so on. The man left the bar really drunk and threw up on himself on the way home. When he got home, his wife asked him "Why is your shirt covered in vomit and why do you smell like alcohol. Have you been at the bar all night?" The man looked guilty and said "yes, but there was a woman there who was drunker than me who got sick all over me. But its ok, she paid me 20 dollars to get the shirt drycleaned" The man reached into his pocket and pulled out 40 dollars and says "See 20 bucks right here from the woman who threw up on me" The wife looks at the man and sais, "THATS 40 DOLLARS!?" The man replied and said "Oh yeah, the woman SH** my pants too."

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