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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by smokin'k, Jul 26, 2008.

  1. Everyone seems to get there wood to burn down to white ash. Mine just turns black and that's it... So maybe it's the placement of that flexable metal sheet below the wood tray. It seems like it can go in three differant ways. 1. Right above the element 2. Right below the element and 3. Right below the horizonal metal rod. Any answers? I've been cooking at around 200 degrees for most my meats(Brisket and ribs).. One more stupid question-when you guys put in a charcoal briquette, is it a standard Kingsford, just put in cold-or something else?? Thanks alot for your help!
  2. ronp

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    What smoker are you using?
  3. deltadude

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    Ron he is using an MES.

    Smokin'K, the wood chip holder is the item as per description in the owner's manual. The owner's manual page #6 assembly instructions step# 5 simply says, "place wood chip holder in smoker as shown", this image isn't very clear. The wood chip holder has the flat sheet metal part, and above the flat metal rests the wood tray. On page # 7 you can see the flat sheet metal is insert between the element and the horizontal bars, with the wood tray part resting on top the electric elements. It is a tight squeeze.
  4. Using an electric smoker, you don't need charcoal at all. Try not using charcoal. Just soak your wood chips/chunks for a couple of hours beforhand and just use those. Some people wrap their chips or chunks in foil, some put a pan over the element and some just throw them in. That's mostly a question of how much of a cleaning job you'll have later.
  5. HI- Sorry about not telling you what rig I'm using. It's the MES 30". So many guys seem to put in a briquette while smoking, that's why I'm asking. Thanks!
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    I have used charcoal briquttes and lumps. The lumps seem not to burn to a white ash. Still experimenting.

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