thanks everyone

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Meat Mopper
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Jun 28, 2007
I would like to say thanks to everyone on the SMF. You have made it a great joy to learn the fine art of smoking. Since I was able to get soooo much great info on here and hit a home run with the first few smokes it kept me going. Just a word of thanks

gypsyseagod you hit the nail on the head the next one can always be better.

And deejaydebi your home page is pretty cool. I have been wanting to get into home brewing also. I will be getting jeff's rub and sauce soon i think.
Weeeeeellll, Catfish,

I would first have to think that the camel's hump would come into play. that is a huge fatty reservoir of water for the beast. If well supplied you may have to render it first, heating it at about 170F, no more, for about two hours. then the meat can be seared or smoked after the fatty liquid is removed.

Now, seriously, our best wishes and prayers go with you on your deployment, or is a re-deployment?


Upon review I just answered my own question. We will all be with you!
God Bless!
Catfish, I see Ft Hood as you're location. I was stationed there at Gray Army
Airfield in 1967 forming up a new Assault Helicopter unit to go to Nam. It was across the road from main post, I doubt it's still there. We will want pics of the Camel smoke
You know what this means.....???

You're gonna have to start answering posts like you know what you're talking about....

Pass on the "Q" knowledge brother.....
Watery Eyes-I wil do my best

everyone- thanks for the well wishes.

blackhawk19- The airfield you speak of was it on the east or west side of post? there is a helocopter field on the east. There is also a airfield on the west. It is the killeen/FT hood airfield jets. Robert Gray Army Airfield.
Just a quick note to thank you and all of our active and non-active service personnel. The fact that you put it all on the line for a common civillian like me is something I don't take lightly. Keep your eyes open, and your wits about you. With any luck someday you will get to tell your kids and grandkids that you helped bring peace and stability to the Middle East. I know it is tough work and that there are a lot of people here at home who have it easy, but continue to bitch and moan about something that probably doesn't even impact them. But for each of them, there is one of us who appreciates what you do and does not take for granted the protection that you provide us. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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