Texas-Bama Chicken

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Jul 26, 2016
Richmond, Va
My wife and I moved into a new home back in May. While the inside was/is livable the outside was very unkept. Blackberry brambles, english ivy, poison ivy, you name it. Every weekend is a new project it seems like.

I got all my work done on Saturday and was able to set aside a couple hours to fire up ol' Stinky and do some smoked chicken quarters. Smoked these guys at 225 with red oak and some cherry from a black cherry tree I cut down a couple weeks ago. Then dipped them in an Alabama white sauce to really up the flavor. Also smoked a couple ears of corn that turned out delicious as well.

I was happy with the amount of smoke I got on the quarters, however, they tasted almost a little bit hammy. Not sure if that's because of the cherry (first time using cherry in an offset) or maybe even because I threw the corn husks into the fire. I checked the moisture content of the cherry wood and it was 20-25%. They still turned out pretty delicious and glad to have some leftovers!


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