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Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by shooterrick, Jul 21, 2008.

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    I realized with previous "Terminator" design for my firebox on my lang it would be benificial to position the flare of the flame above and across my fire grate. First this would allow me not to be looking down the barrel of this bad boy when lighting. Secondly not much concern about ash clogging. I may side mount this on my fire box or at least as high as i can get it from back side of firebox. Pics are of the basic design, and of 2lb propane fire and 5lb propane fire. All parts are from local hardware store except venturi and orifice which came from TJas. The thumbs will enlarge if clicked..

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    I can see you lighting some wood with the third pic with no problem!
  3. shooterrick

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    I placed the burner in my Lang 48 firebox buisness end through one of the box dampers, to get some idea of the performance. After firing her up with 3lbs propane, the temp climbed in the cooking chamber to 225 in less than 9 minutes. I turned the pressure down to 2lbs and the chamber continued a steady climb to 250. I then lowered the propane pressure to 1lb and the cook chamber leveled off at 260. 260 a bit high but grate level in my cooker is always 12-15 degrees less than the built in thermometer reads. Also the grease drain valve was closed but I doubt that will make alot of difference.

    I opened the cooker to vent heat to see recovery time and the Lang recovered to 260 from 190 in less than 2 minutes. I can see that it may be nessisary to prop the door of the cook chamber open to maintain lower temps. While a smaller burner is possible I will probably be using the Sidewinder as a starter and only use it for actual cooking on an emergency basis(low on wood) or if I wanted to fire the Lang to grilling temps.

    [​IMG] I would issue a word of warning. This is a unproven burner design and while I fired this burner for over 30 minutes with no problems and the pipe from the elbow end of the flair stayed cool to the touch, one must remember that propane can go boom! Not a pleasant prospect if it happens.
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    Looks like its gonna work out for ya Rick!

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