ten pound bone in ham!!!!!!! help!!!!

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Jul 2, 2006
we were just given a 10 pound bone in ham(uncooked)! I think this will take wayyyy to long for us to smoke! can we partially cook it and finish in the barbeque or oven or the other way around? or will it take less that forever to smoke it??? how should i get it ready to smoke?

i did smoke the turkey breast and it turned out great. thanks for all those who helped me with that!!!!
it is a fresh ham... i made our smoker from an old weber barbeque... use a hot plate for the wood chips..... any suggestions would be great!

I'm not that familiar with your smoker setup, but if you can fit the ham into the smoker and maintain 210-250 degrees, then smoke the ham like you would a butt. It will be whiter meat than a butt, but it makes goodQ.

Make sure you keep it moist, It will be a long term smoke. If necessary finish it up in the oven.
Heya, Smokemom!

GREAT thread! Lotta people get a big hunk of meat and are at a loss on how to handle it. And with your questions answered many more will not have to ask.

Now, can I ask just one l'il itsy bitsy teeny weeny l'il yellow bikini (Sorry! I'm dating myself!) favor? When you post for help or to inform please post in the proper section. This would be a great addition to the pork section and I am sure that Dutch will move it in a bit.

Keep up the great posts and by golly you have added a whole bunch to our little family food thingy here!
Most welcome, M'lady! That is the best way to share all of our information whether asked or given! Thank you again for joining our forum!

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