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May 23, 2022
Doing a batch of bacon for the first time 2 hrs with maple 130 deg. raised temp to 160 deg. IT stalled at 142 and there it sits been 3 hrs and no movement using maverick for box and meat temp smoking in BDS any help here would be welcome thanks.
Sounds about right. Meat will always stay about 20* lower than pit temp. You need higher pit temp, but if these are bacon slabs for slicing the final temp gets tricky depending on how high you go because you will start melting fat and have greasy bacon. I finish all of my cured bacon at 145F IT.
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What SE said. I smoke bacon on my pellet grill at 160° for maximum smoke until the very end, at which time I will bump the temp to 170~180° to hit my final IT of 145°.
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Agree with the others, hot smoked to an IT of 145° produces bacon is technically a ready-to-eat product, but it does benefit from a slight pan fry to change the color and crisp the fat. That said, sliced very, very thin it can be used like dry cured Italian ham. Try some wrapped around mango slices.

I prefer a 2X cold smoke on my bacon, but here is a visual of some hot smoked 145° bacon with a light fry.
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