Temp for fatty smoking? Also ABT's.

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by westernhunter, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. I am breaking in the new MES with a fatty today. This will be my first ever attempt at a fatty.

    At what temp do you guys smoke them? I know to get them to 160 IT, but how about the smoker temp? Also, do you put them on foil, or let the fat drip out of them.

    I will also be cooking ABT's for the first time ever as the pre-fatty appetizer. How long do these little guys take at the same temp the fatty will be cooking at?

    Thanks for the info and I will get Qview up as I go!!
  2. Giddyup Tex!!! Just the info I was looking for.

    The 92 degree heat has inspired me to try a Mexican theme for the fatty and ABT's. I will post pics as progress continues.

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    Westernhunter to give those little ABT's good flavor cook them under your fatty and let the fatty drippings add to the flavor of your ABT's. You will start fixing fatties and ABT's everytime you fire up after these [​IMG], they are great and easy to do. You can fill them with about anything.. Hope they turn out good for ya..
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    I' say keep the temp in the 225-250 range, and it should go for about 2 hours. I did a 2 pounder my last time that took almost 4 hours to get to 160 internal. BUT... It was a late night smoke, it was a liquour-accompanied smoke, and it was a windy night. I couldn't keep my temps steady, not real sure to blame me being too tired, too "slanted", or too windy, but the bottom line, I fought the fire to stay above 200 and it took a long time.

    ABT's - I smoke them till the bacon is done. If ya precook the bacon till it just starts firm up a bit, but you can still wrap it around the pepper, it will go faster. I personally don't. I think the pepper and filling will be done in an hour if ya keep smoker temp, just make sure the bacon is done, even if it takes two hours.

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