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Original poster
Mar 12, 2007
Long Island, NY
I have had some trouble maintaining temp on my GOSM charcoal smoker. I have started using lump charcoal, but I am not sure how much to start with. I start with 1 chimney full (it is a smaller size chimney then some I have been seeing recently) and that seems to get me in operating range for about 1 1/2 hours, Does this seem reasonable? I am not sure how to use my vents effectively, any pointers are greatly apreciated.
i tried lump once, and it sucked for me. i use kingsford briquets. leave the exhaust wide open, and use the firebox damper to control temp. i don't even have a damper in my exhaust stack. i start with my damper about 3/4 closed. i use one chimney of kingsford to get my fire started, then i use oak logs to get my temp up. then i use mesquite or pecan for my smoke. i am talking about the damper that controls intake air into the firebox. hth
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