Temp control problem

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Aug 14, 2007
Having a problem holding the temp at 225-240. IT will run in the 250-260 range for several hours with the intake completly closed. i have a CG with a SFB. I modified it by dropping the chimmey down to just above grate level. I use lump charcoal either Wicked or Green Egg. The butts and shoulders I have done turn out great. Hoping the chuck that should come out in about an hour or so turns out the same. However the ribs are always dry.
I'am sure it has to do with the temp. Any sugestions on keeping the temp down?

Smoke till you drop than get up and smoke some more!!!
I find with my CG, once the fire has matured, that I need to close the intake on the SFB to between 5-10% to keep my temps between 225-240F. I leave the stack cover wide open because you need to have some airflow through the unit. Once in a while if I add to much lump, it will pop up to the upper 240's, and I just open the main chamber lid for a few seconds. I usually give the meat an extra spray at that time. I also add about 3/4 of a chimney of lump when I re-fuel.

Hope this helps!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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I have a CG with no mods & have a hard time keeping the temps up once I start to get a little ash under the coals.

With my ribs I mop them every hour with a mop sauce & the juices run down your arms while eating them.

I also add lump charcoal unlit. The brand I use is Cowboy & ie is a mix of oak & hickory which makes good smoke especially with the cherry I add.
Have checked you temp gauge? for accuricy. you may also need to raise the stack extention up a little.

Did check the guages. Leaned the hard way a couple of months ago about temp guages (sizzled some ribs). Was thinking about cutting the chimney back also might be starting with to much lump in the basket. Thought I shouldbe able to get a long burn by using the intake. I will just keep asking...

Smokebuzz ifrom southernern Mn. So Go Gophers....

Thanks fo th info!!!
GO FERS, o well at least you guys can keep your progam out of jail.
I installed a baffle at the sfb opening, that really helped alot. A couple of months ago, I installed tuning plates in the main chamber. At first, I was not happy with them, but I have been playing with them and now, I can maintain steady 225-250 temps across the grates by moving or removing the plates and adjusting the damper.

Have you tried hanging the charcoal tray upside down and just above the sfb opening (in the main chamber)? This works pretty good and is a cheap mod (free!!).
Cheech has a good idea. I keep a ceramic pan nearby in case i need to remove some fire during a temp spike although I rarely need it. I place a disposable roasting pan full of water next to the fire box where the heat enters the cook chamber. This sort of tempers the heat a bit.Most important thing I learned was to take my time. I light the fire and run the smoker for at least an hour before I lay my meat on the grill to let things warm up and the fire to stabilize. Then I add logs and/or unlit coals only when temp starts to fall . Another thing I do is to keep my fire as far to the right side of the fire box (away from the cooker). Keep my fire small and burning clean for best smoke . Good luck and be careful.
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