Team member with smoker wanted for Oinktoberfest in Clarence New York

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Meat Mopper
Original poster
OTBS Member
Mar 29, 2007
Angola, New York
Those of you on the forum that know me know that I produce the good stuff with my commercial electric Friedrich 400 rotisserie. You also know that I have a hell of a time reproducing the perfection I get on any other smoker. After my reserve grand champion win prior to sanctioning I dropped drastically in scores due to having to borrow an unfamiliar and primitive, purist pit.

So..........seeing as how I am still allowed to use my Friedrich to vend and promote my business at Oinktoberfest but only if I compete with a primitive wood burner, I'm looking for someone with a smoker they love, are very familiar with and loves a good time, to come join my team using our sauces and rubs...

Purse this year is 15,000, and I'm willing to split 50/50 any winnings as well as pay a portion of my vending proceeds in order to place respectably in the contest.

Anyone here at the forums interested in coming to beautiful downtown Clarence in Western New YOrk for a contest on the last weekend in September? Charlie Daniels is the headliner for Friday night and it should be a great time. This will be our sixth year participating. For futher info click on the oinktoberfest link on webpage.

Any of you in Western New York, Northwestern Pennsylvania, or Northeast Ohio are only a few hours from Clarence, NY (Just east of Buffalo). Shelly PMed me to see if I could make the trip. I have an unbreakable commitment that weekend and can't do it.

Think about helping a fellow member out! Thanks for reading this!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


I'll second that bump... even though she comes and goes with the wind around here... Come visit us at SMF some time Shelly.

Good luck getting your team member and smoker. Sounds like a pretty good payout for good placing.
Dang it! DOUBLE dang it! Wish I was back up there, (uhm, ONLY for the git together though
), but I'd a jumped right on in there with ya PigCicles! Heck, I'd have done it just for the fun/party! I'm sure there's gonna be some good bluegrass and beer tasting goin' on. How in the world could a fella stay away from good stuff like that?!

Sure hope you find somebody to lend a hand. I was a Marine recruiter up that way for a few years and I knew an old German fella who would have whooped some butt for ya. But sadly, 'ol Bernie passed a few years ago. He made an awesome smoker out of a big ol' double door, commercial 'frigerator. He had a dairy farm, butchered ALL of his own meat, mixed/made all of his own spices, rubs, seasonings, etc., made ALL of his own sausage and sauerkraut. My most fond memory of him was watching him fuss over roasting a whole stuffed hog on a spit, over an open fire pit, each year for his haying parties. The meat always just fell off the bone... He was a true master....

In ANY event, Good Luck PigCicles!!! Keep us posted will ya?
Wish it was me needin the help, but I'm just a lowly backyard smoker guy. It's Shelly from BBQpitstop that needs some help and a smoker. She's looking for someone who has their 'have smoker - will travel' sign out.
Okay okay, so I am like the wind on here...........this restaurant is taking up a ton of time, and I'm trying to feed the masses on weekends at about the life of a carny,,,,,,,,,that would be me this last summer.........

PeculiarMike................git yer missouri ass out here will ya? I got the grand champ sauce and rub fer sure................and we'd of course split any winning proceeds........

For anyone considering it..........we DO have Charlie Daniels Band booked for Friday night. And I'm buying the beer.

So far I have a donation for the evening of a Weber Smokey Mountain from a friend, but I'm leery of my ability to cook on anything that I'm not accustomed to.
Shelly -

This is the 29th and 30th of September I guessing? I'm about 8 hours down the road according to Goggle. I can probably bring my Smoke Vault or ECB I'm intimatly familuar with those never used a smokey mountain though. Is propane acceptable? The ECB is in rough shape though.

I have no idea where Cleranace NY is. I'm 10 hours from Bufalo been there before.

I don't think the propane can be used other than for igniting purposes according to KCBS rules. I would certainly love to have you though either way. Your website is a rip by the's nice to see another female as addicted as I am to this passion.

I'm considering ATBs on my menu and I'm still studying the fatties........if you can't make the contest ,surely we can meet at another event. Keep me posted.
Were "the Beast" done, I'd hitch it up and drive for 6 hours. Nice area out that way. Sigh. All this work, all I want is a slab of ribs!

Well, OK...20 slabs..4 briskets and a dozen butts hehehe
Shelly -

Looks like the ole ECB will have to make the trip then. Only used the horizontal twice and still have some bugs to work out.

Gotta find a spare rim for my Dakota. Don't think I want to drive that far without a spare tire. I'll see if I can leave Thursday. It'll be pleasure to join your team and finally meet you!
Debi you are certainly going to be on my "gracious" list forever. We're probably going to find out we were six degrees from each other the whole time anyway, so I can't wait to meet you too.

And for any of you others that get a wild hair, don't hesitate. I now at least feel I have a half a chance to vend cook and compete at the same time with respectable results.

Anyone gonna help Debi and I master the brinkman and the weber smokey mountain before the 27th? I got the favored sauces and rubs, but my ability to hold temp has been so so. Debi thinks she has it down, and we're gonna put our heads together and tag team the wee hours to git her right. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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