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    check them out here:


    i add to the "house recipe" list as we develop new stuff at home or tweak out recipes that we come across. check out the foccacia al formaggio di recco; it started out as a very basic recipe that i found on the net, but i tweaked it into something that is eally, really good.

    there are also a thousand or so other good recipes. mostly fish and game, but not all.

    sooner or later, my wife is going to release her "pigs in a blanket" recipe that is straight off the boat from her ancestors in slovakia and believe me, that one will be up there ~ ;)
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    That sounds excellent! My wife, being from Milano, would be greatly impressed if I could make that for her.
  3. tasunkawitko

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    bassman -

    that focaccia recipe is a tricky one. the trick is to remember it is an unleavened bread (it doesn't rise and it isn't puffy). also, wheen making the dough, you ahve to add a little water or flour and kind of play with it to get the right consistency. it takes a couple of tries, but the results are very much worth it.

    my advice is to make it with a little garlic and onion in the dough, also a little bit of crushed red pepper and a generous amount of fresh or dried herbs. use a blend of cheeses for the filling and don't forget to brush with olive oil before and after baking. if you have a few chopped sun-dried tomatoes to add to the filling, it makes some good stuff.

    always glad to meet new folks (or their families) who have lived in other countries; if you or your wife want to share any recipes there, please feel free to do so.

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