Taste of Grand Rapids BBQ Competition

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Jan 25, 2007
Wev'e decided to try our hand at are first comp the " Taste of Grand Rapids" on July 13th & 14th. Really nervous and excited at the same time. We don't expect to much, but we think it will be great fun and a good learning experience.


Had to come up with a team name and logo, here it is. Wish us luck!!

Love the logo Theresa!!! Best of luck, I'm between now and July you will have perfected what you're going to do...Get that Lang fired up!
Logo is really cool.....

Comp looks like it will be fun. The entry cost is low compared to most... I like that idea, and why do you get a break in the middle of turn-ins. That is a first..... look at mine.... non-stop for all 6 turn-ins, no break.......

You will love the competition. You will get bit by the "bug" and you will not be able to wait until you can do it again. Just be sure and relax, it isn't that big of a deal. Just pretend it is one giant picnic.....


If you need a few pointers, pm me and I will help you out.

Here is one to start:

Thanks, we plan on doing as many smokes as we possibly can fit in before the contest with the new smoker.

Love the fact that their giving an hour break between some of the turn in's. Not messing with any side entries this time, just gonna do the chicken, ribs, pork and brisket catogories. Don't want to bite off more than we can chew (pun intended).

Looking foward to hearing about how you fared and what you thought Bill. Not long for you to go now!!!
Awsome Logo Theresa! I love the piggies!

You guys will do fine. Don't be nervous it's just for fun right? Getting a feel for it and that sort of thing. Hell you can still pay the rent it's not that important .... feel better yet?

Hey theresa, cool logo
I think i'm a wee bit o scottish myself, look forward to q'ing with u guys, all i can think about as i watch over tonite's smoke, not sure how to fit everything in a 15 x 30 space
talk to u soon
your logo looks really good

i believe i will be working in the grand rapids area that weekend... gonna have to check it out

time for you guys to practise now..lol
I'm hoping their not going to be too strict with the 15x30 footprint Bubba...we will see.
Happy to have you aboard!!!

Good way to look at it Debi.

If your in GR Jeff just look for the smokin scotsman!!! It would be great to meet you!!
Best of luck to you and Bud. Will ya be sportin the kilts and hats?


Keep Smokin

Ohhh yeah... That logo is Smokin... nice job!
Thanks PC, Bud asked me the same question, I told him he was more then welcome to wear a kilt... I just reminded him that brushing up against a hot smoker might not be a pleasent experience
Me, I think I'll stick to jeans and a T-shirt!!
speaking of t-shirts.... do you guys have someone to make you any with your team logo on them?

i know a guy that would probably be more than willing to make a bunch of t-shirts with your logo for a fair price.. he does car graphics, vinyl signs etc etc
Nice logo,

Hope to see you there.

By the way I just heard about an other competition at Silver Lake during the apple festival. I believe that it will be the weekend of Sept 15. If you go to this one let me know. I plan to visit it.
That would be great if you can get me some info on it, I sure do appreciate the offer, Thanks!!!

Same hear Cheech, stop on by and pull up a chair and we'll have a cold one!!

Depending on how this one goes, will be competing at Silver Lake as well. Should be a beautiful time of the year up there!! Here's a link to their site.

Theresa -

As much as I'd really love to eet you guys is kind of a long drive from CT! Wish you all the best of luck though!
Thanks Debi, if you ever make it to this neck of the woods we have a nice guest room for you and Jessie. I'm sure we could cook up a storm!!!!
well let's see. It is Sunday, no Theresa, so they must be cooking up a storm on the new Lang.... Can't wait to see the pics.... I know they ain't sleeping today... they better be smoking.

If I had to work, they can be cooking.

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