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    Lady walks into a pet shop and sees the most beautiful parrot she has ever seen.
    She approaches the pet shop owner and says, “That is the most beautiful parrot I have ever seen. I must have it, how much does it cost?”

    Pet shop owner hesitates and says, “Yes, that is one beautiful parrot, and we have a sale right now, but I must warn you, this parrot came from a house of ill repute, has a very extensive vocabulary, and I’m not sure you would approve.”

    Lady thinks about it for a while, and finally decides that she can overcome any embarrassing comments or Freudian slips that may occur, negotiates a price and takes the parrot home.

    When she gets home, she sets up the cage in the living room and uncovers this most beautiful parrot.

    The parrot says “Hello, New Madame, New House.”
    Lady thinks – that’s not so bad.

    Around 4 o’clock, the lady’s two drop dead gorgeous high school daughters come home and enter the living room.
    The parrot says, “Hello, New girls”.
    Lady thinks – that’s not so bad.

    Around 6 o’clock, the lady’s husband comes home from work and enters the living room.
    The parrot says, “Hello, Steve” [​IMG]

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