Swiss Independance Day

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Jun 26, 2007
Since I live far away from the US, I always miss out of the 4th of July celebrations over there. Luckily the Swiss celebrate Independance Day on August 1st (Its more of a creation day since they didnt break away from anyone...This is where the CH comes from in Conferderation Helvetia Switzerlands first name...theres some swiss info for you) ...anyway, it gave me a good opportunity to have some people over for a proper Rib Smoke. Thanks to UltraMag, I was finally able to resize my pictures, so see attached. Used a homemade rub ( I just ordered Jeffs Naked about 10 minutes looking forward to getting cracking on that!) Hope you like the friends/family ripped right through the real ones in a very short time!

Wow! Nice to see some fine smokin' going on in Switzerland!
Looks like some good eats!
Smoke on and keep us posted with pics!
Great looking smoke Bestee! Got any recipes that are traditionally Swiss? Sausage Mabe? I didn't pick up on the fact that your in Switserland before. Sorry.
I am looking around to find some traditional Swiss stuff...and you're right, it'll definetly be sausage based...but the best ones are hungarian, which seem to sel real well here. I'll keep ya posted.
Wow Bestee, that is a ton of great lookin' food... I can almost taste it from here!
Hey Cheech,
Nice name! Yeah I am a rugby player, and had a few of my team over with my family...we blew through these racks. (grill holds exaxtly 5kg (11 lbs) of BBacks)
The only wood I have found over here so far is mesquite. After reading all the reviews I understand I need to soften it up a bit. I just ordered some chips from over there (pecan, pear, cherry and hickory) which my brother is shipping to me. Have checked with a gardener buddy to let me know when he cuts some fruit trees in the fall to stock up a bit. Then I can play with some fish and poultry.
This is the best anniversary gift I ever expect to get from my wife.
I am loving it!
Can't wait to recieve Jeffs Rub and Sauce I ordered. The reviews are amazing!
Bestee, what did you're guests think of real 'que? Does the Swiss have a version of 'que there? Just wondering.
The swiss really like thier Que...but are pretty boring about it, mainly grilling sausages, like bratwurst.
I live in relative farm country...its a small country, the big city of Zurich is only 20 minutes away! They have an annual Beef festival which is really more a place for the farmers to buy and sell livestock...but they always have a great smoker rocking there. Just recently came across a smoker at a smaller festival...but they did not have ANY seasoning on the meat...was a bit of a let down. Bottom line though...the wave is spreading..smoking is where it is at. Since I got mine, 2 of my buddies have got them its coming along, now if we could find a way for cheaper meat THAT would be an improvement.

Very glad to hear everything worked out with your granson Dutch! I just had my second son last Friday, and the 1st one is 3 years my heart skipped a beat for ya...really glad it worked out!
The only wood I have so far is mesquite. A gardener buddy will hook me up in the fall with whatever fruit trees he trims we'll see...probably apple, pear and plum trees. I am excited to see what I can get. The store bought mesquite is super pricey. And I want to try out some poultry and fish, and am told mesquite a bit too strong. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.