Sweet potatoes over wood fire

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  1. sweet potatoes

    sliced on the mandolin

    yellow or lemon or zucchini squash chunked up

    put in ziplock with EVOO and spices - shake

    put in cast iron pan - ON TOP of cast iron griddle

    over hickory. yumm-o.

  2. You are speaking my language right there.  I would to have had to have thrown a little pork loin on next to the skillet.  Sweet potatoes and pork are one of those marriages made in heaven.  Nice job.
  3. jak757

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    Looks and sounds great!  Question -- why the griddle under the pan? (I don't know that much about cast iron....yet!)
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    Now I do like that sweet potatoe and onions then if you add some pork or pork fat even you could have a new meal called the big:

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  5. John,

    If you don't put the griddle under that hot of a fire, you risk warping the pan.  That fire will warp the tar out of that griddle - also starts flaking off layers.

    Put the pan on the griddle - plenty hot and nothing burns.  Just my experience.

    and yes, that's a chargriller - which I 'tolerate', but it comes in darn handy for quick jobs like this.  

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