Sweet Pickled Spare Ribs

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    Ok yall, got to look at just a few a grandpa's notes, It appears these are from the packin house a nephew of his was startin a new job there an grandpa was givin him the basics. The products used are remarkably still mostly available. So I've down sized this from the massive amount made in the packin house, this one looks good, I'm gonna order some of the stuff to try a batch. Might try convertin it over to cure #1 an see what happens to.

    Sweet Pickled Spare Ribs
    1/2 lb Salt
    1 oz Freeze-Em-Pickle (2 Tbl)
    2 oz Sugar (3 Tbl) It calls for plain white sugar
    1 Gallon of Water

    Cure in brine from 10 to 12 days. The ribs will be cured in 7 to 8 days, but better left for 10 to 12 days. (Seems they would do the short cure if the order was a rush job).

    Before brining the ribs should be well rubbed with a mixture of 1/2 the Freeze-Em-Pickle, 1/2 the sugar, 1/2 the salt. The remainder of the products should be made into the brine.

    The ribs should be overhauled 3 times durin the cure, once on the fifth day, again on the seventh day an once more on the tenth day (usin a 12 day cure).

    Overhauling means to take the meat out of the brine an repack it in the same brine. The correct way to overhaul is to use a clean (sterilized) bucket, set next to the current bucket, remove the meat an pack into the clean bucket an then pour the brine back over the top an place back into the cooler.

    These were made in large wooden vats in the packin house. I would weight down the meat with a plate to keep them submerged. Instead of buckets, I might try lugs to keep the ribs flat.

    After the cure, a quick rinse would be in order an then into the smoker.

    The Freeze-Em-Pickle was a widely availabe product durin the early 1900's an can still be bought today. It was manufactured by the B. Heller Co an used by many butchers an packin houses especially after the safe food acts became law.

    I will keep scourin the notes, looks like there will be some other good recipes in there too. I think these are mostly from the packin house an not grandpa's personal recipes, kinda bummed bout that, but still some neat stuff to have.

    Hope ya enjoy it!

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    We collect old cookbooks and some of the recipes you find in them most people now days have never heard of some of them...

    I think they are neat to see some of the things people used to cook...[​IMG]
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    Thanks for sharing the recipe Tip, love the old-timey ways with the old-timey says like Freeze-Em-Pickle, let us know if you convert it over or give 'em a shot.

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