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Discussion in 'Winos & Wood Chips' started by bigace, Apr 9, 2015.

  1. bigace

    bigace Fire Starter

    I'm a winemaker with over 30 years of experience and was wondering your tastes!!
  2. Semi sweet.

    Happy smoken.

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  3. Hi Bigace and welcome aboard!

    I've been offline and traveling with my phone, and thus not visiting this great section as often as I'd like and so forgive my delay in replying and welcoming you indeed!

    I'm an old world wine gal at heart - Bordeaux, Rhone, Barolo, Amarone, some Merlot such as Pomerol, and then White Burgundy and Greek dry white as well. Bitter bubbly such as Krug strikes my fancy too!

    And you?

    Please post, share photos, and your sips and your smokes and your sentiments here! Fantastic that you're around!!!!

    Cheers and warm wishes, Leah
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  4. bigace

    bigace Fire Starter

    I'm a sweet wine lover but some dry's tickle my fancy!! I do make Amarone!! I have the wine juice shipped in from Italy!! I also do competition's!! But my over the top winner is a Concord Ice Wine that has won "Peoples Choice" two years in a row!! As for Smoking,I'm very new at it, used it twice so far with good results!! Will post pictures as soon as I figure out how to do it!! Lol!! 😉
  5. Fantastic on your wins! That is amazing! And I would LOVE to drink your Amarone!!!

    Post away, as it's terrific to see and hear from all!

    I'm off to a delicious Rhone day myself! Cheers! - Leah
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  6. noboundaries

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    Wow, I have to choose?!?  I can be so moody when it comes to wine.

    Dry red table wine is in my Italian genes.  My world is just so right with a stemless glass filled with a dry red and "Salute" echoing through the house.  I associate that experience with family, visiting company, and good times.

    And then there's Port.  I do love a glass of Port, a solitary experience that I find relaxing, often enjoying each sip with my eyes closed. 

    I'm definitely going to have to find a bottle of Amarone.  I looked it up and it sounds incredible!     
  7. Ray you are such a treat!

    Amarone is special indeed! I have a hilarious story about some discoveries of such. Send a private message to me if you'd like some good reading for "the smallest room in the house."

    Meanwhile, your roots and great family stories are just amazing!

    Similary, I had some Aussie grass fed lamb shoulder to grill today (Mick, are you listening - as I buy up your meat!!!) and paired it with this grocery "house wine" Montelpuciano d'abruzzo (happens to be the kind of wine my Dad drank nightly as house wine and which I viewed as blase and boring growing up) and yet today, I marveled at how it was perfect! OR, how we turn into our parents?

    Ahh well, here is to drinking wine! And eating great food! Damn, did Jeff's tri-tip in Thursday's letter look the best yet, and now I must try it and Trader Joe's has a plain tri-tip in addition to their marinated one and so the plain one it is! Must have been the power of suggestion but it sounded too good!

    Cheers to all and to AMARONE and to family and to fun! - Leah
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  8. And the marrow was superb!
  9. bigace

    bigace Fire Starter

    Looks fantastic!! As for Amarone, its one of the best wines I've ever made, and definitely gets better with age!;
  10. noboundaries

    noboundaries Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    I just checked the prices of Amarone at Total Wine and More.  Wow.  The grapes must be crushed individually between the thighs of nubile virgin Italian wine oracles in an ecstatic trance from the spirit of the vine.  Well now I just gotta have me some Amarone!
  11. bigace

    bigace Fire Starter

    To bad you don't live near me, I have about 3.5 gallons in the basement, along with about 20 gallon of various other wines!!
  12. Such delicious and bold and beautiful wine indeed! So fun that you make it Bigace!! And Ray your waxing poet on the method is incredible! I just love this group!!

    On other wine notes of recent fun, I sabered open a bottle of bubbly on Wednesday & roasted succulent Cornish hens!
    Cheers and happy weekend!! - Leah
  13. noboundaries

    noboundaries Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

  14. Hi Ray!

    You can saber open cold bubbly with a knife - one needn't have a professional saber - but simply know the saber is BLUNT on both sides despite looking like a sword and so you want to use the back or BLUNT side of a kitchen knife to do it, and the HEAVIEST knife, even if that is shorter than your longest one.

    I was filming a video to demonstrate that, and was going to share and teach all, last Wednesday, but was doing it with my phone which timed out and the video was lost. I will do it again with our video camera when able sometime soon and that way everyone may have a lesson and go saber away!!!

    Cheers and here's to a bubbly weekend!!!!!!! - Leah
  15. bigace

    bigace Fire Starter

    That's crazy!! You must be pretty good!! Your food looks delicious 😋!! Have a great weekend!! Cutting tree's and smoking venison today!! It's going to be a beautiful 74 degrees here in Western Pennsylvania!!
  16. Thank you tons!
    And venison!!! I LOVE! Especially carpaccio and tartare or anything raw in the game meat family. Have Fun!
    Here is a kangaroo carpaccio I make with smoked Gala apples not long ago!
    Cheers! - Leah (wishing I was drinking your Amarone)!
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  17. bigace

    bigace Fire Starter

    I have never tried raw game meat!! Is it that good?
  18. atomicsmoke

    atomicsmoke Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Great bottle "opener" Leah!
  19. moikel

    moikel Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    We do Amarone down here,I have a bottle on order that won a series of awards this year. Made with lesser known varieties for here.
    I will cook & post something Italian when it arrives.
    I paid $ 32 & I can buy a lot of good wine here for less than that. I bought a 6 pack of 2005 Seppelts Chalambar shiraz at $21 a bottle. That's $17 in your dollars.

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