Sweet Baby Ray’s

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Nov 25, 2023
Just curious as to what experienced smokers think about Sweet Baby Ray’s. It has been a family favorite at my house for years on grilled chicken and pork. Now that I have a smoker that I will get going soon, how does SBR’s do for ribs compared to the other, maybe more specific sauces? I assume it should be thinned a bit, maybe?

Thank you.
We occasionally use SBRs BBQ sauce when smoking or grilling. It's fine the way it is and doesn't need to be thinned out. If it has the flavor profile you like go for it.

What he said ^^^^^ if you like it use it. I like a few of the flavors. Original and the mustard one.. for sure. I think it's called golden or something.
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I echo Chris. I did 3 slabs of BB's yesterday and used SBR on them. Were dang good. Great thing about this hobby (obsession) is that if you find a something you like and works for you, run with it. Heck in a crunch I've used some store brand sauces that were pretty good.

Theres other brands I prefer before I grab SBRs, to me, its just meh. Now if the wife bought it, Id just it, just theres others I prefer, Stubbs and Lillys Q to name two if Im going store bought
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It all comes down to personal taste something different can make or break what you're looking for. But you have to try new to things out to know same with different rubs you don't know till you try.

Agreed, my wife likes a more vinegar based sauce. I like them all just depends on that I am putting them on.

if you can find a good local shop, you might get lucky. One about 40 minutes from me has about half their rubs in a “tasting station” so they are open and you can shake some in your hand and try them. Its worth the drive.
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And what I've done before.....Ate at BBQ place while traveling out of town. Sauce was great and their seasoning was great also. Got to talking to the waitress and it was all made in house. Ended up walking out with a jar of both.

I haven't dined out since the pandemic hit, not once, but I have smoked a ton of chicken and ribs in that time. I like SBR, tried making my own and a slew of others, seem to like SBR about the best. I buy just about everything when what I want is on sale. SBR can always be had at a decent price at Sam's Club and comes on sale at local markets quite often. There's always a couple of big bottles in the pantry and a open one in the fridge. The stuff works for me, reckon I'll just keep doing what I've been doing. RAY
I will pretty much eat only 2 brands (red) straight out of the bottle, though both I will usually tweak.

One is SBR original, the other is Sonny's sweet. I prefer SBR of the 2, they are very similar.

One of my tweaks to thin out either is to add a splash of vinegar and a splash of dark fruit juice.
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It's just too sweet for my taste. I prefer a more tangy sauce. But I get why it's popular and I'm not knocking it. I saw a local joint fill up their table sauce with SBR when supposedly it was their own recipe.
I’ll wake up at 4am to start some pork butts smoke them for 12+ hours….. no matter what I use for wood, rub, technique, or anything I throw JJ’s finishing sauce on it, and my kids and wife will put SBR’s right on their sandwich. They eat it so I’m not offended haha
I keep a bottle of sweet baby along with several other sauces. I'm a mixer that goes with whatever flavor I'm thinkin/tasting at the time.
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