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Sep 16, 2006
I haven't got them as of this post, but they will be here within an hour or so. Yes there will be pics. I'll be back in about an hour. :lol:
You bet...The sad thing is...they still work....but they're the old type..all metal insides.
Not sure yet..Probably use 1 for jerky, sausage, etc. So that will most likely be a hotplate. The other? Not sure yet. :D
Yep..think I do. Gotta get ahold of Cheech and see what I need to dismantle and what I should look for as to plastic, etc.
Starting to look that way doesn't it marvin... There's a saying something about a man and his toys.
Very nice find! Since you have two and they both work why not tie two hobbies together?

Make one a smoker and one a frig for the beer.

By the way the thing about these old units is that they very rarely quit working. Their effieciently is not the greatest but they keep on running.
Since I gave up the drinking many years ago, the kegger cooler is out of the question. I assume everything needs to be ripped out ? Compressor, lines, etc.?
It did have to be ripped out the way that I did it.

I am told that it is best to have a qualified person remove the freon.

Once the insides were ripped out I used that space to place my temp controller.

The real question you need to ask your self right now is gas or electric.

I started with gas but unless I cut a huge hole in the refrig there was not enough air flow to allow for a gas system.

If I were you use one for storing meat in while brining and use one for a smoker.

Keep the second unit to perfect what needs to be perfected once you learn from the first time.

Hey how did you score two of these?
$50. ea a second hand store in town. Wanted $100 ea 2 weeks ago. Have been keeping my eye on them.
Brining fridge sounds good, until it quits. Just not sure which one to tear apart and which one to keep. Decisions..decisions. :lol:
If it does not matter use the one on the left (looks just like the Wookie and I know that works good)

Something that i found to be interesting is that the insulation used in these units is commonly cardboard.
The 1 on the left has a removable front on the bottom. The other has a solid front. On the removable front, is this wasted space? Storage?
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