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Discussion in 'Pork' started by bill in mn, Feb 8, 2010.

  1. I did 2 butts yesterday and was getting things going around 6:00 am .I put some charcoal in the drum and lit the starter briquettes.I got to use my new ET 73 no more running to the window with the binoculars to read the temp in the drive way,this is the greatest .
    Put the butts on and sat back and watched the drum temperature flutter between 230-240 It's like having a lepercon in the room I couldn't take my eyes off it.The butts were on for about 4 hrs. and I put the temp probe in and watched the first stall at 168 for about an hour.then they started to climb to 185 and here is where I lost the day away they stalled for 2.5 hours and then went to 191 sat there for a bit and then dropped to188 for about 45 min.Finally at 11:15 pm they hit 205 16 hours! a long day .
    Here's where it get weird I foiled them and watched some TV for an hr.then pulled them.One was perfect well worth the wait all the fat had render away and nothing but great pork.the other one was a mess like all the fat was still there lots of gelatin type stuff and liquid hard to tell what was pork and what was connective tissue.I wonder if the out side got seared and retained the fat and wouldn't render out.The heat was low the whole time.or maybe it wasn't done.I did switch the probe between them .
    The bride ask if I would do these for her pot luck lunch this Wednesday ,how could I say no.Bill
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    yeah, ive had some weird stalls with butts before....Seems there are never 2 the same.....happy smokes
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    Hey Bill - welcome to smoking.
    The stall thing can be so frustrating - I know I had one stall for 4 hours once on me - Can't be all bad if she wants more for a pot luck

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