Sundays smoke didnt go as planed.

Discussion in 'Pork' started by sprky, Dec 21, 2009.

  1. sprky

    sprky Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Hi all
    Well this smoke didnt go as planed at all. The plan was to start smoking 2 butts and 2 yard birds bright and early 6-7 am. To start things off alarm didnt go off so i got up late was 7:30, was my own fault didnt chaing days to weekend. [​IMG] Just finished washing birds from brine when i got a call and had to go into work.[​IMG] So i put birds back in fridge along with butts and headed out 8:00. Figured this will not take long ill be ok as birds are dinner anyways. This not long ended up being 2.5 hours [​IMG], by time i get all set to smoke its 11:30, 4.5 hours behind planed time. I figure I can still do it thers time as the butts are only 7 pounders, and at 1.5 hours that would be 10.5 hours smoke. So in the smoker they all go. at 5:30 birds hit 160 so off smoker they come, wraped in foil and towls in cooler to reast dinners not for nother hour or so. Go back out to put probe in butts and smoker temps down to 160, Now what has gone wrong ? You gessed it out of gas. No big deal got nother tank, WRONG other tanks empy as well [​IMG]. Throw tank in truck and race to TSC to get it filled, they was just closeing as i got there but the manager agreed to fill tank after i explained the days events. Hook up tank and get smoker going, temps of butts r now down to 142, and smokers ice cold. Temp outside is only 38 with 5 mph wind, keep checking smokers temp every 15 or so mins and after 1 hour smokers bairly over 180 what the HE** now. open up smoker and hardly any flame on burner. In my rush to get it going again i didnt have burner all the way shut off and the safty kicked in. [​IMG]Reset regulator and fired up again. 30 min later smokers up to 235, now we are cooking again[​IMG]. Needless to say family didnt wait for me to eat with all this going on, no big deal except i do not have q-view of the finished birds[​IMG]. As murphys lay would have it the butts stalled at 163 that was around 9:00 they are finily moving again, but now its 12:30 and they are only at 187. Think i may be at this awhile yet. Hind site i shuld have just waited and smoked them nother day. I hope i can stay awake long enouhgh to get the butts out of smoker. sadly to say im not gona even try and take the time to get picks of the butts, just gona wrap them and put in cooler till am and put them in fridge befor i haed out to work. but heres the pic of the smoker loaded up.

    UPDATE: at 1 AM butts are at 190 only 10 more deg to go i may get some sleep after all :)
  2. raceyb

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    That sucks to have been called into work AND run out of gas.

    I noticed something in your picture of the smoker that kind of alarmed me. I don't know that there is need or cause for alarm, but in my opinion, when packing a smoker with different meats, I learned that poultry should always go on the bottom with pork on top.

    It may not really matter at all, but it looks strange. I guess that's just my upbringing around smokers.

    I hope your next smoke goes as planned.
  3. nickelmore

    nickelmore Smoking Fanatic

    You weren't alone with a bad weekend, I just wrapped up my venison snack stick/summer sausage smoke that started Saturday at 10am, ended Monday at 2am.

    Nothing but challenges all weekend. LOL just hope the stuff turns out OK,

    Best thing that happened is I scored a stuffer at Gander mountain on sale for 125.

    I also have heard that poultry should not be places above other products.
    I believe it is called cross contamination. In my terms the stuff that drips out of the bird may make you sick.
  4. ddave

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    Yep, what they said. [​IMG]

    Aside from that, kudos for hanging in there. Hope it goes better next time.

  5. sprky

    sprky Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Well even after every thing going wrong with this smoke the birds were GREAT, and the pulled pork was out of this world. Wife told me that this was 1 of the best i had done. The PP was super moist, not at all dry and had a deep smoke ring, with hardly any fat left in it. I did reheat it in a 300 deg oven with some apple juice in the pan for dinner last night and then pulled it. not sure if that was the diference but it was goooooooooooood.

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