Sunday Smoke

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Jun 29, 2006
Peculiar, MO
Lit the antique ECB and smoked two slabs of baby back ribs and four fattys. Really windy day, hard to keep the temperature regulated. Ambient temp. 73 deg. F. Used pecan for smoke, nice, mellow.
Baby backs were 18" long, ECB is a bit over 13", had to cut the slabs to make them fit, worked fine. Helped make room for the fattys. Did three JD regular and one sage.
Ribs came out really fine, had to sample. Fattys fine, also had to sample. Picked up some Pappy's XXX Bourbon BBQ Sauce at Bass Pro Shop, looked too good to pass up, and it is.



MMM MMM good,very nice Mike, that sauce looks interesting and I just love the "PIGGY" cutting board!!!!
Great job Mike its a little after 6 in the morning and you have made me hungry for some ribs. Ummmmmmmmmm ribs for breakfast.
I saw Pappy's a couple of weeks ago when I was in Bass Pro at the Landing. Now I wish I had grabbed a bottle myself. I will next time. I love trying new sauces.
Me too. I can't pass up any that look good.
A real purist would make their own, and I have.
But there are a LOT of good ones out there and anyone who does not try them is missing a lot of good flavor.
Great looking ribs, Mike. Have you thought about building a windbreak? Blocking the wind even on warm days helps to maintain the chamber temps. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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