Sunday dinner

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Smoke Blower
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Jul 10, 2022
Christian County, MO
The wife bought some baby back ribs and we have about a hundred pounds of ground beef in the freezer. It was determined I was smoking ribs and meatloaf with a side of Mac and cheese. Ribs were done with SPOG and a a maple bacon chipotle rub from Cabelas and the meatloaf is the one from Meat Church. I ran temps between 250 and 280 for about 5 hours. The meatloaf came off around four hours and the Mac and cheese went in. I wrapped the ribs at about 155. I say about because I struggled with my thermometer. I don’t know it just seemed wacky. At one point it read 193 in the wrap and then when I unwrapped and temp pretty much the same spot it read 145. I just need to bite the bullet and buy a thermopen. I wrapped in butcher paper and doused the ribs with Heath Riles Butter Wrap. I love that stuff! When they hit what was supposedly 193 I pulled them out of the paper and hit them with a molasses, ketchup, acv bbq sauce my wife made up. When they came off, the temps were 205 on one end and 198 on the other. I think that was close because they were done. I left the Mac and cheese on a little too long because we were also harvesting honey from our bees and I may have forgotten it was on the grill.
All in all, very nice. I will change the meatloaf recipe a little next time. Maybe add some cheese. I am not a huge fan of baby back ribs, or I haven’t been. I might have changed my mind today. I think in the past, the ones I have had have never been cooked to the point the fat renders well. These were spot on!


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