Summer Sausage not enough smoke...

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Aug 27, 2020
Made a batch of Jalepeno Cheddar summer on Monday. Did everything as I usually do and which produces good results, however, this particular batch did not take the smoke well for some reason. I let sausage get almost to room temp before putting in smoker at 100 degrees. 1st hour was no smoke, then added smoke (cherry) for 5 hours while maintaing 100 degrees. I vac sealed and finished in a sous vide bath for 3 hours at 151. Texture and everything else was perfect but weak on smoke flavor. Used PS 2.5" fibrous casings. After smoking I hung in basement for 2 hours, then hung in fridge til this aft.

Is it possible put back cold smoker and add more smoke for a few hours, or am I just wasting time?

Thanks for any help.
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WBF, Seems like the SS wasn't dried enough to accept smoke. Vents need to be wide open and I usually go at least an hour and a half at 110*-120*. I am assuming you were using a normal fibrous casing ?
Seems like the SS wasn't dried enough to accept smoke.
This is always my first thought when this question comes up . It looked like you did all the right moves getting ready to smoke , and going into the smoker , but depending on the moisture content in the sausage it might cause it not to take smoke if the chubs are sweating .
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With my recipe for ss I just mold it in 1 lb. loaves. Put in plastic wrap to set overnight. Smoke to temp. 1/2 venison, 1/2 80 20 burger. Jalapeno in some too. There's not anybody that doesn't like it. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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