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  1. Hi all,

    Just a quick question about smoking sauasge. I have made smoked elk and deer sausage a number of times, and I have got them made at a local butcher a number of times as well, the sausages I make at home always come out with a little more smoky flavour than I ilike, and the ones I get form the butcher come nice and dark red on the outside with barely any smoky smell to them, just wondering what thier method of smoking was?, now do they boil the sausages first in 180 degree water till almost done, then finish them off in the smoker or do they have them in the smokehouse the entire time but use some kind of very weak smelling wood? I was just wondering if anyone knew the difference in the methods they use, and the methods I use? Thanks
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    First off I would say that you are getting too much smoke to them if they have a strong smoke flavor. Are you running your chimney wide open? If not, it should be. Oak wood is pretty neutral as far as flovor goes compared to other woods like Hickory or Mesquite. Perhaps try pre burning your wood to burn some of the nasties away. Done simply by using one of those propane torches or building a small fire unitl they are burnt a bit. As far as the color goes, most processors use cologen casings and some of them use the mahogany colored casings to give the sausage that dark red color. What are you using for a smoker? If you are using natural casings, after you are done smoking them, once they hit the temps you want, dunk them in some cool water to bring the temps down and hang them for a bit and let them bloom. That should improve the color. If you are using plain cologen casings and want darker color, try the mahoganey colored ones. Hope that helps, if not, let me know. Others will chime in with their ideas as well so check this thread often.
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    Hey I forgot to mention in my first reply. Stop on over at Roll Call and introduce yourself. Let us know what kind of smoker you have, smoking exp, where you live and so on. Lots of good people here with tons of smoking exp to assist you.
  4. Also you can wipe them down after they cool with a paper towel and a bit of cooking oil. This will get the black sooty stuff out of all the cracks and crevices on the casing. It makes them look and taste better IMO.

    For less smoky, just smoke for a shorter period of time, and finish off without smoke. 180 degree water, 180 degree oven, or in a 180 degree smoker with as little smoke as humanly possible.

    Good info right here.
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    Yes please do go to Roll Call so you can properly introduce yourself. That way you can also get the welcome we like to give all new members here. Ok to your sausage delimma one you will fine it hard to boil sausage in 180* water cause it boils at 212* but anyway I had to bust your chops. Your sausage problem is easy just smoke it with less wood and you will reduce the amount of smokey flavor. Less smoke less flavor.
  6. I do not recommend boiling your sausage. 212 is too high a temp to finish off smoked sausage. 180 degree water until you get an internal temp of 152. I like to smoke at about 140 and bump it up to 180 once they have the right color. It is possible to heat water to 180 and keep it there. It is also a very acceptable way to finish off smoked sausage.
  7. Ok thanks for all the great tips guys, but just to clear things up when I said I boiled at 180 degrees, I just meant putting them in 180 degree water to bring them up to the right temp, I know boiling them at 212 would be a no no...ok here is another question, say one was to smoke the sausage till you get the desired color, would you put them right in the 180 water to finish the cooking process or would you let them bloom first then put them in the water, or would they bloom after you take them from the water and soak them in cold water to bring down the temp?
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    Yhoo.... man it is not that complex man..... cook it( smoke it ) to temp and then cool to temp.... put in cold water to stop cooking and to keep caseing to keep from shrinking....blooming is before you smoke the meat and gives it the color before ya smoke ( to dry out) some for the color....
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    Assuming you're talking cured sausage, dry them first the best you can, ( some people will hang them and dry them with a fan) then put in a 100° smoker with no smoke with vent wide open for about an hour to complete the dry. Now the sausage will take the smoke and color, add the smoke and turn the heat up 10-15 degrees every hour or so till ya get up to 160-180 and the internal is 155°
    give them a cold water shower till they come down to 100° then hang to bloom, or to add color. maybe an hour or two.
    I never cook my sausages in a water bath except for a few fresh varieties.

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