Strange Way To Smoke Chicken

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Nov 22, 2006
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Ok this is gonna sound strange but im thinking of trying it to see. I was told this from a man down in east texas that they take a chicken rub it down with spices then stick the bird inside a brown paper grocery bag. Set it on the smoker and do the usual smoke time. They say it is nice and brown and very juicy and no taste of the bag. Has any body else heard of doing this or tried it.
Well Ive heard it turned out good and the smoke penetrated thru the bag for a good smoke taste While keeping all the juices in. Im going to try it and see for myself how it does. Ill let you know the results, gonna have to wait until the weather clears up I dont mind the cold but not gonna smoke in the rain.
Soundss like a definite creosote buster.

I've done chix in the oven that way. The yardbrd was tasty, but the bag ruined all gravy prospects. I never make gravy w/ smoked birds, so it sounds like a good idea. Please do let us know how the smoke fares.

I've used the paper bag with a ham in the oven with great results. Yes, it holds moisture in and when cooked in the 300 to 359* range, it's terrific! (However not as good as when smoked.)
That does'nt seem to create any problems.

When you say whitefish, is that the same whitefish we used to catch in Wyoming? Kind of a sucker-mouthed carp looking fish?

This bag trick is funny to me. The guy that thought it up is my kinda guy. Go to groc store, put groc in bag, throw bag on smoker, take bag out next time you wake up. Done.

Who would think of this trick? Funny as heck to me. Gotta love these little tricks.
Have you ever tried hobo chicken where you kill a chicken, behead and gut it, coat it w/ mud, feathers and all, throw it in the fire, and when it's done, crack the mud shell in half, and pull it off? They say it removes the feathers, and the bird comes out clean.
I've heard of it a few times, but never had it verified.

The mud must be awful thick to pluck off all those feathers :D ! Sounds plausable, let us know if anyone decides to 'mud daub' :lol: ! I guess smoking the mud covered creature wouldn't work due to temp danger zone issues?
Interesting,.....VERY interesting............
I've coated a chicken in a coarse kosher salt slurry and baked it, It literally turns into a concrete hard shell. Had to smack it off with a hammer. It's an oriental recipe. The results are good but the chicken looks rather blah.. colorless and almost boiled in appearance. Mighty tender and tasty though. I'll see if I can dig up the exact recipe.
I've heard of the chicken in a bag cook, never done it myself though. I'm thinking I remember reading one time about doing about the same thing with popcorn and a campfire. Seems like it was a boy scout thing... too long ago to remember the details though... Now I might have to go hunting for it.

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thats what i thought of when he said whitefish..very tasty in the smoker or fried in a pan of butter
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