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Discussion in 'Making Jerky' started by pierce652, Aug 24, 2008.

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    Still waiting for some mixes to come in but on friday I took some time and stopped off at a friends butcher shop to pick his brain. He has been a butcher for 30+ years and smokes all his own hams, chicken, turkey, bacon and makes his own jerky. All his product is absolutely unbelievable.

    I was telling him of my troubles with jerky and he gave a lot of advise as well as samples. Since I love his jerky I asked how it was made. He makes up a marinade, which I think is doctored commercial mix that I cant find online, and puts it into a vacuum tumbler for several hours and then puts the tumbler into the walk in over night still under pressure. In the morning he will add more marinade and tumble again then hang on bacon hooks and smoke. Out of the smoker its total leather but then he said to put the jerky into a loosely covered pan and into the fridge for a day or two and the flavor really comes out. He uses no cure in his process.

    He says that without a vacuum tumbler the meat should be marinated for 4-5 days.

    I then asked about the saltiness and he pointed out that cure is 60+% salt and to knock out salt in other areas of the recipe but to try and not affect taste.

    The time spent with him was really interesting and I appreciated his insight. Im going to pick up some london broil and give the marinade a try.
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    Hang in there. There are plenty of spice mixes out there or you can make your own. Do a google search for homemade jerky or free jerky recipes and you will have many to choose from and many differant ways to smoke or dry it. I have used the skoker a oven and a dehydrator and all work well

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