still loged on (chat)

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Feb 19, 2007
I can't get out

and I can't get back in

I cleared my cookies and I use Mozilla
if that helps any
and Thanks, Paul
i was wondering about that---
in past week or so--
ive logged in with it showing several people in chat---
when i get there ---
no one is there---
I x out of chat browser---
then on the smf page a box comes up to log out of chat...

i use mozilla
I just clicked in and out of chat a couple of times and I didn't have any problems. I log in with the chat now thing on the tool bar and it pops up a new room. I click the X on the top of the page to leave. There is another X just above the chat screen that you can click, but it doesn't take you out permanently.
I "x "ed out of chat,and I loged off the forum and back on
but it won't let me back in
It says that I'm already loged in, so I can't relog in
I just went into the config file and made some changes to the AutoLogout feature which logs folks out automatically who have not been active in a while.

For those of you using Mozilla, I use it as well and it doesn't always handle flash correctly which is the platform for this chat interface.

I went to IE and logged in last night and saw a different chatbox than what I had been seeing in Mozilla Firefox..

Anyway.. I am working on this so just be patient.

Please continue to post any and all concerns/observations, etc. and that will help me to get it tuned up right.

Bill says the same thing as me, I can't get out

Delaware Smoker
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Ok,when the chat screen appears,a message says another member in chat with my name.There is a box where I'm told to put in my user name & password.Do not see where I type in logout.I'm not the smarest when it comes to this,so please help.

I read the other tread and can't figure it out
Dawg, you and Tulsajeff hit the send button exactly at the same

Did you catch his post right before your last one?
Should I be concerned?????

And yes, I am still in the chatroom, or at least it says I am, and can't get back in to sign out or ?????

it says that i've been in the chat room for a week i go in but nobodies there even though it's showing 21 people here
It's 6:34 am, and I am the only person on the board (forum)

I was just getting this bumped up any ways to see if some one
can help out Thanks
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