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kansas city boy

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May 5, 2007
Lee's Summit, MO
Hi all,

I'm new to the forum and I've been reading through a variety of the threads- lots of great info. I'm a total novice and sitll trying to figure this whole thing out. I love my new smoker, but I'm not sure about times for specfic meats. I have an electric wood pellet indirect smoker with a digital thermometer so I can have pretty good control of the temperature. I'm just not sure of the times. I've done a lot of reading and found many different philosophies so I'm just trying different things and seeing what works. Enough of all that though - here are my questions- any help is appreciated.

1. All of the recipes I'm finding are for large quantities of meat. Are there rules of thumb of time per pound for say a brisket or ribs?

2. I tried a brisket last week (5.1 pounds), smoked it for 7 1/2 hours at or around 190-200 degrees. I didn't wrap it in foil. I took it to about 165 degrees, wrapped it in foil and let it sit til dinner time. It wasn't necessarily dry, but quite tough. Any suggestions?

3. I'm planning on doing some ribs this weekend. Again, I'm only going to do one or two racks. Any suggestions on whether or not to wrap them in foil part way through to keep the juices in or can I cook it straight on the grate?

I appreciate anyone's suggestions. Thanks for helping this novice.
Welcome to SMF.
If you go to "Roll Call" and post your personal info, most here will give you a proper welcome.
Most everyone here is in agreement about what temp is done. The only difference you'll find is how to get there. They all work.
Just check out the different threads in the pork and beef sections, and all answers will be there.
#1 Figure on 1 1/2 hours cook time per pound this does not factor in the plateau for the larger cuts of meat.

#2 You need to kick up your chamber temps to 225-250* and cook to an internal temp of 190* if you plan on slicing or up to 200* if pulling. Wrap it in foil and add some liquid when the internal temp hits 165*.

#3 Look over the various 3-2-1 Rib Threads. This is a way to have great ribs as you learn about temp control and how the meat reacts with heat.

Best of luck with your weekend smoke.
would you please go to map and put a pin for lees summit..

have fun...

do you have a treager???
What Dutch said!
Do that and you will improve your results. Lot of good info here.
I'm down south of Peculiar. Willing to help any way I can, let me know.

KC Boy, I was making killer bbq before I had to ask anything, there's so much great info already posted, just search for it. 321 for ribs! rip off the membrane! thin blue smoke! all that stuff. It's quite interesting and some folks here do this for a living, so you're getting really good info. Cheers!
Those of you that smelled it - you smelled it right. I love my Traeger. It does eliminate some of the fun and requires a bit less skill (that fits me perfectly), but with the exception of the brisket, I haven't had a bad piece of meat off of it.

I'll contine to read through the site. Thanks for all the posts. I'd love to share how it went, but unfortunately we had an ER trip for my son that turned into a several day stay. He's all good and fine - they're just keeping an eye on him. This just gives me more time to read up and figure it all out. When I do go for the ribs- probably next week, I'll let you all know how it goes. Thanks again!


What the ^3!! are you say'n, less skill!!! Keep that to your self, like it says on page 2 of the Traeger hand book.

I'd like to know what traeger you have and if you have dig thermostat. I had my brisket just how we like it, then I got the dig therm. Starting over now, it seams.

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