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Original poster
Nov 23, 2023
Hi all,

New-ish member here. Been smoking everything under the sun on big box store smokers for a little over ten years. Finally decided to get cracking on my own build. Picked up this 200gal beauty the other day and it's currently at the fab shop getting sand blasted and cleaned up. Not being able to work on this full time means this will be a few months project. But I've learned so much from scrolling through these forums and I'd value any feedback that comes my way.

I used Feldon's for my calculations which I'll list below - but if anyone has suggestions for improvement I'm all ears. The biggest thing I'm iffy about is figuring out door sizes for the cook chamber and how to keep those things from warping during/after cutout. Thanks in advance all!

CC: L 81" D 24" (about 25 1/2" exterior so this is a close guesstimate before cutting)
FB: 23.25" Square
Chimney: L 32" D 5"
Smoke Collector: 8"x4"
FB Inlets: 3 Circles of 4" Diameter
FB to CC Opening: Halfmoon of 17" Diameter
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Greetings and welcome to the forum from New Mexico.
Looks like you have quite the project ahead of you. Good luck with it.
There are several members here that have done builds (I'm not one) that should be able to help with suggestions and answer questions.
I'll follow along too.
Welcome to the forum from Iowa!

Well, finally got the tank cleaned up and this thing is a beast! Valves are off save for one that is corroded over and will be cut off. Just got done flushing w/soapy water. Found this tag that was heavily rusted over previously. 1947! Tag says 140 net gal - but this is a fairly large tank. Taking it to the shop tonight and then the real fun begins!
Looking forward to seeing the progress!

I am really debating on if I should build my own smoker or not. Trying to build up the courage! Complete novice at welding and metal working. However I took the plunge and bought a cheap welder and starting to practice welding.

I modified my OKJ with it, removing the old 3" stack and adding a 4" stack and elbow, came out great and changed the way the smoker now cooks for the better.

To do a whole smoker build I'd need some more tools for sure. Best of luck!
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