Started Stumps style today

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Meat Mopper
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Nov 21, 2006
I finally started building my stumps style clone today.I had a decent day and got the frame welded up and ground.I will try to post some pics tomorrow if I can find some one to help get the thing off the bench.
Well lets see if my pics will load.Edit The cooker sits flat on level ground ,my driveway has quite a slope.This is a gravity feed charcoal burner.It will have 4 racks that will be 20"X21"She will be double walled and insulated.There are folks in Canada who cooked last winter in -34 and were able to hold temps very nicely.


I dont think it will be a problem with people trying to steal it as the way it is now it most likely is 200#+ and may go 350 or more when done.It wont be long until I will have to bribe some one to help me work on it aas its about to the point where I can barely move her.
I dont have the grate setup yet but when I do I will post them maybe by the weekend.Coz
It's gonna be AWESOME coz! Thanks for sharing the pics man

Keep Smokin
Looking good Coz

Was admiring your wire welds but do have one question...are you going to vent the square tubing when they are "but" welded on both ends?....Looks like there could be some real pressure buildup around the fire box area especially...maybe you should consider drilling a 1/8" hole in an inconspicuous place to allow for venting...probably just borrowing trouble but better safe than having some unexpected bulge or distortion...just my 2cts...good luck with your project
As they say in Kentucky, where I'm not from, "Dammitboy!". That's going to be one serious rig. Good for you! Take a while to season it, I suppose!
Marv,on the site where this is discussed a lot the folks who have done them and have been using them say that heat build up is not an issue.There will be an awful lot of insulation around the 6x6 tube which is actually where the charcoal is burning.The open box is more of an ash box with some minor charcoal burn but virtually all of the real heat is in the bottom 3-6" of the large tube.I will try to post a link to a video showing a real stumps in use then most folks will have a better idea.I should have put the video up right away.
If you're going to feed as many people as that thing will smoke for...looks like you will soon be making a lot of folks very happy.

Ok now it's coming together in my head

Very interesting project and sure will follow along as this thing comes together

Looks like a very worthy smoker...the video is a sure sell
Marv,I should have posted that video right away so every one understood how he cooker operates.I have been sharing pics with a bunch of friends and have explained the concept a bunch of times and finally sent them the video and then some do understand.I have been schooling myself on this deal for several months and forget that its kinda out of the normal realm of thought for cookers.I can tell you one thing its a heavy duty sob.I do more cooking in the winter so I was lookin for an insulated cooker to build when I stumbled on this unit.
More build pics from the weekend.I did not get as far as I was hoping but still made some progress.



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