Stainless smoker

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Feb 9, 2016
Southeast Florida
After a couple of years of rusting my last smoker went to the dump so I'm looking at the old style smokers (see pic) but this time in stainless steel to see how well it lasts under the covered eave and covered to protect it from the Florida weather outdoors.

So, since I cannot store it indoors, other than raising the legs of of the deck and covering it does anyone have suggestions to promote its resistance to the weather?


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G, If it is stainless then it should handle the elements very well, salt in the air will do the innards( grates etc.) in before the shell goes belly up.
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Not sure of the brands but there is different grades of stainless most of the grills and what have you a magnet will stick too which means more steel and less nickel i believe
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Crazzy you are correct, more steel means less resistance to rust. I received it this morning and the only parts that a magnet will stick to are the grills.

This is made of marine quality stainless. Very happy with it AND it's made in the U.S.A!!!

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