Stainless GOSM.......

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That's amazing and definitely does explain why nobody can find them anymore. That is the exact smoker that I have except for the name on the front. I wonder how much Vermont is charging for them.
I got a local ph# from the store locator on that site. They said it would cost $499.00 + tax and take about 10 days to get it in stock. There has to be a better deal from an online source but I haven't found one yet.
If they want $499 for the stainless steel Big Block version then I will be quite happy with the $189 non-stainless steel Big Block I currently have. In a few years I will replace it for something better or another non-stainless steel Big Block and still may have a few bucks left in my pocket. Even a smooth $400 would be too high for what little you gain with the stainless version. Drop the price to $300 and then you will have my attention. I live in South Louisiana in the swamp with high humidity where i have owned a non-stainless steel Cajun Cooker that is about 25 years old and the rust mites have not really gotten to it yet. I would not be surprised if my Big Block lasts over 10 years. :roll:
That sure is pretty, but not $500 pretty. It's nice to know it is at least still made. Hopefully we will run across a reasonable online source for purchase. :(

Good work Redlines!!!
I'm looking for a big block, but from what I've read, I definitely don't want the one like from Walmart, but it sounds like that's all I'm apt to find...
Wal-Mart sells the Wide Body which is only 20 inches wide. Get the Big Block that is 24 inches in width to have plently of room for briskets.
TheRedlines, I don't know how you came across that site but that's exactly what I've been looking for, for almost two years now. 8)

I've called CFM a few times since they bought the GOSM line of smokers and chewed them out for not having any information about them anywhere on the Internet. :?

At least they're not dead! :D I believe the price will come down from the MSRP when it hits the retail market. I paid $325 each for mine. And heard a few moths later that they dropped to $295 each, but you couldn't find them anywhere. (must have been a clearence sale :( )

I appreciate the link! Maybe they'll start showing up in more places.
Well I read an article about how there are really only two big manufacturers of BBQs out there and that CFM owned both Vermont castings and Great Outdoors so I decided to check VC for smokers. Anyways, I sure hope they do come down in price but for the time being I've got a black GOSM BB to be delivered monday.
It qualified for the free shipping so that was a definite plus. Says shipping weight 90#s and it's shipping by DHL. Estimated date of the 9th. I sure hope it gets here in one piece!
Well, she showed up. A little beaten and bruised. The bottom two "ears" on the left side which hold the wood pan grate up were snapped off during the shipment so I've come up with a quick fix for the time being. I might just use a couple of blocks to hold it up so I can at least give this bad boy a shot. I'll keep you all updated. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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