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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by porkaholic, Dec 31, 2009.

  1. porkaholic

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    I am still trying to learn to use the Brinkman and have a question of how long to wait to put my product on once I reach the target temperature. Seems like I have the temps I need and then within 5 minutes of putting the meat on the grill I have a big rise in temperature. So, about how long do you need to have the target temperature in place before you put the meat on?
  2. billbo

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    You are probably going up in temp from opening the unit and increasing the air flow. You have to do it to load it up. No big deal there. Put the meat on and it soon should settle in temp wise. If you have an ECB then they do up and down with temps. As long as I have a temp that's not too high I don't really worry too much.

    Also, let us know what model you have and what type of fuel you are using. The more info we have the better!
  3. yeah this seems to happen a lot with ECB's I have both the charcoal and the electric but since getting my electric i haven't used the charcoal one. prolly will once i finish the mods on it. as long as your temps don't rise too high and stay there for too long you should be fine i guess. are you using a digital thermometer or the gauge that came stock on the ECB?
  4. porkaholic

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    Sorry for the confusion, I am using a Brinkman Smokin Pit that I added a side fire box to. Seems that when I first start up I get temps in the 275 and up range. I have been opening the fire box to let heat out for a few seconds and then closing the vent. That seems to help but I was just wondering if there was a better way. I think I may also be putting too many lit coals in the fire box. I get another chance today with two Tri Tips. Thanks for you thoughts.
  5. meat hunter

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    Are you using briquettes or lump charcoal?
    Are you running the chimney wide open or do you have it somewhat restricted?
    You said you added a side firebox to it, is there a draft/vent on it?

    How many coals are you starting with? Do you use one of those charcoal cans to start your coals, or do you place the charcoal inside and then light it?

    You have any pics of your rig? If so, lets see some of the firebox area as well as the rest of it.
  6. porkaholic

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    Here goes, I have been using bricketts and lump in combination and also using just bricketts. The chimney is always wide open and the firebox does have a vent on the side. I have been starting with the charcoal basket half full of unlit bricketts and then adding anywhere from one half to a full chimney of lit bricketts. Here is a picture of the unit with side fire box open for display.
  7. olewarthog

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    How are you building your fire? I start with a basket of unlit charcoal & a few chunks. I leave an open spot opposite the side vent to add lit charcoal.


    I fire up about half a chimney


    I have the stack wide open & the side vent wide open. I add the lit charcoal to the basket.


    I leave the side vent wide open. If I'm shooting for a cooking temp of 240, I'll close the side vent down to only about 1/4 open when the cooking chamber temps hit about 210-215. This will slow the temp rise & allow them to stabilize. When the temps stabilizes, you can put your meat on. You will get a temp drop when you open the chamber to put the meat on. Allow 15 mins or so for the chamber to get back up to temp. If you are above or below your desired temp, you should be able to dial it in with small adjustments to the side vent. I normally get at least 2.5+ hours of stable temps with this method.

    When the temps begin to drop, I will rake the lit coals to the corner of the basket & reload it with unlit charcoal & a few more chunks.
  8. porkaholic

    porkaholic Smoke Blower

    Thank you so much, that is exactly what I was looking for. I have not been leaving the gap for the lit coals but have been just dumping them on the unlit ones. Your pictures spoke volumes in fire building. Very much appreciated.[​IMG]

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