!st Annual SMF Roundup is in the Bag

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Nov 25, 2006
The 1st annual gathering finished up today. It was a "Wunnerful" time as some might say. There was some great Q, conversations, discussions, Q, and even a few lessons learned from the experience of others. Those that couldn't make it were missed. Especially you Cheech... there's next time buster.

Bud and Theresa brought their daughter and Willey (sp?) along with that Wunnerful Lang smoker. Along with Steve they put out some of the best ribs you could ask for.. at any price. Despite a few set backs and obstacles those ribs and "salad" were GREAT Bud.

Tim came out with his lovely bride and put up a great all day show with the butts and brisket. Not to mention the fish and sausage for appetizers. Anyone who says Tim's method of putting out a brisket won't work... there's a group here to tell you just how well it does work... even if it is "over cooked" in someone's opinion.

I'm proud to announce that Matt showed up with his great attitude and wanted to learn everything he could... asked questions, watched, listened and made his FIRST ABT's ever AND rubbed his first butt (pork butt) and for that he got a free shirt. Congratulations Matt and welcome to the forums... Keep Smokin buddy.

Peculiar Mike and his best half were there also with those Wunnerful Breakfast Fatty Burritos... You folks gotta get into some of those... Wunnerful Stuff.. Rilley they are! Also Mike was the winner of the grand prize GOSM giveaway. Congratulations go out to him and we EXPECT pics as soon as you get that puppy in service.

Oh yeah I did smoke that ham I was supposed to. But when you're in direct conflict with some of the best brisket on the planet.. it was just so so. Others said it good.. I think they were playing nice.

TulsaJeff and Abbi along with their 3 Wonderful children were there showing their support of the gathering. We appreciate you for taking time out of your busy schedule to brave the heat and partake of the event and foods with us. I can't say it enough... Thanks again for starting and maintaining such a great family friendly site... Hats off to you Jeff.

I will post my pictures soon. Take care all and have a great day!

Keep Smokin
Just wanted to make a point to let everyone know that I didn't list everyone that was there nor everything that was done. Everyone was great in jumping in with a helping hand and cleaning up.

A very special thank you goes out to those who worked so hard along with those that were running the smokers. Without everyone acting like a family this event wouldn't have been such a great experience.

See ya'll at the next Wunnerful event. Oh yeah and thanks to SmokyOky for the new word to play with.
Rhonda and I attended the gathering, and would like to thank the events committee for all their hard work and time spent to organize the 1st gathering. We would also like to thank Jeff for this wonderful forum, for without it we would not have met Jeff and his wonderful family, and the great people who attended. We would also like to thank the rest of the attendees for making us feel like family and for the great "Q" and fellowship. Looking forward to the next gathering and hope to see more of our forum brothers and sister there,you missed a great time and some fantastic food. Thanks SmokeyOky, Rhonda wants me to rub a butt now.
I'm having some problems with the new galler so I'll try this for now...
Jane and I made it home about 5:30PM Sunday afternoon. WOW! What a great weekend! BIG THANKS to PigCicles; Ultramag & Brandi & little Mag; TulsaJeff & family, including The Bug Collector; Bud & Tonto & Lori & Wiley the poodle; Shortone & Rhonda (and Mat, invisible forum member); SmokyOky & Cindy; for a fine time. PigCicles & Ultramag put a LOT of time and effort into this thing, thanks guys, you done good!
We ate like kings. (burp) Killer baby back ribs (there is a side story there, you have to ask Bud) & spare ribs, Some Oky "overdone" brisket that was the best I've had, pulled butt to die for, fine smoked ham, most excellent ABT's, smoked sausage, SmokyOky's sockeye salmon basted with honey, and his so good mustard sauce on the pork & brisket, sides of all types, breakfast fatty burritos, smoked baloney. We could have fed a group 10 times as large.
If you did not attend you truly missed rubbing butt with the very BEST.

Oh yeah! I got a new GOSM Gasser!
Debi, all I can say is - Ya shoulda been there! It was the best.
You were spoken of in reverence and awe.
Next time, for sure.

A Great time was had by all and I think I ate better than I've ate in a long, long time.

The baby backs wonderfully created by Bud and Tonto, awesome cherry-smoked spare ribs that shortone smoked up, the never ending snacks and food brought on by SmokyOky including sausage, salmon, brisket and pulled pork sammiches, the ham that was smoked to perfection by Pigcicles was delicious and I caught myself slipping back into the kitchen for seconds.. and everything else that was prepared.. thanks to all of you for a great weekend!

Oh.. and the ABT's that Matt crafted as if he had been doing it for years, were absolutely delicious and no, I could not stop with just one!

I could go on and on and if I missed anyone I apologize..

..no joking around, if you were not there then you missed an event that is worth traveling several thousand miles for.

I encourage everyone to go ahead and decide now that you are going to be in the group picture next year!

I commented to my wife on the way home about all of the wonderful folks that we were blessed to meet and I now consider close friends.

Where else can you get together for this much fun in one weekend?

A great big hearty thank you to all of the guys that put this together and made this idea into a reality.

Joe, Chad, Cheech and anyone else who played a major part in planning this event.. go ahead and start planning the next one!

I can't wait to be there!
Dang! A LOT went on. That, combined with Partheimers, I miss some things now and then!
Gotta say that Shortone's dutch oven cobblers were the perfect compliment to the meal! Apple, cherry, blueberry! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
I have a new dutch oven, not seasoned yet, but it WILL be! And it will be making cobbler.
Thanks Steve!
It looks like almost everything has been covered. Everyone was a pleasure to meet and share fellowship with. It was "wunnerful" to be able to finally put some names and faces with people I share so much time with here at SMF. I can't wait to try my hand at the new rib recipe I learned as well as that SmokyOky style brisket. Best brisket I ever had Tim, I hope I can duplicate it so I don't have to invite myself to dinner.

I would start making plans to attend the next SMF Round-up right now if I were you as it is most definately a must. You guys were the best and I can't wait to do it again.
Am I ever kicking myself in the arse for not being there!!! It looks like you all had a "wunnerful" time, I wish me and my lovely bride could have attended. NEXT YEAR!!

Thanks for all the great pix PigCicles, very nice job!
man I read this and really getting upset...kinda....I mean I knew we just could not make it out there and my little MES aint no competition to any lang.......but hey.......the worst thing was, this weekend sucked....rained the entire time, didn't get to fire up my smoker, and even my fathers day was ruined by some drama queen crap from one of my daughters supposeded friends........all i can say is at least my neighbor convinced me (and it was not too damn hard at that point) to go up to the local pub and throw darts and have a couple......well.....several couples....of beer...... next year I say the event happens out here dangit.....after all you gotta learn how to smoke in RAIN right????? well it was a try.......
We had an awesome time smoked... wish you were there, really (rilley as some might say). That MES would have looked good to that teensy weensy GOSM sitting out there by those giant smokers. Can't be lettin size intimidate ya.

BTW there for a while we were smokin in the rain. Hats off to the smoker gang who were able to hold the temps good as the temp and water fell and still turned out excellent ribs.

Can't wait til the next one.
Smoked - cruise through those pics and note the "Geezer ECB" sitting by the Lang. No shame here and the ECB wasn't embarrassed. It produced 22 fattys for breakfast burritos.
Plan ahead and take a leisurely drive (or flight) to the midwest next year. You WILL NOT regret it and they will still be makin' airplanes when you get back.
First of all, again, I wish I could have been there. That said......

Jeff and to all at SMF, I really don't know of anyplace else where you can take people from around the country, who have never met each other except though the forums, and have a weekend get together that turned out like it did (from pics and what others said). Just a very big thank you for the site!

to all!
Sounds like it was a truly outstanding event!!!

Color us all green with envy
, but with your wonderful photos, it's like I was right there with all of you.

Kudos to the event planners for their tireless work and dedication....
It looks like I missed a heckuva good time. Bike decided to give up the ghost just short of Des Moines at 3:00 a.m. after my Friday night poker game. Took a good bit of time to get things rolling after that so early in the morning.

Sorry for not making it-- next year I'll have someones cell number so's to communicate better, and probably bring the truck with my smoker- leave the 35 year old bike at home. Thanks to PeculiarMike anyways for the tent offer, it woulda been fun.

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