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May 8, 2007
Hey man-

If I remember uou have the afterburner propane conversion?

We'll I did a test run over the weekend hoping to do a chicken. No luck, the propane would get knocked out after lighting in 5 to 10 minutes. I called the manufacturer and he said, I need to allow more air out the top, That I was choking the burner of oxygen. Have you ever had any problems like this?

ATL-try sending squeezy a PM-
You would be correct, I'm using it.
What are you using yours with? ... an ECB or?
Need more info ... such as ... is your tank almost out of propane? Are you allowing enough air through the venturi? Is there a blockage in the venturi?
Shouldn't need to let more air out ... the design is to let out smoke and draws air from below ...
I await your response...
I have the Charbroil electric. Vertical water smoker. I posted a pic below. Also the adjustment for the heat seems very touchy, maybe I have it up too high thats why it keeps going out on me. Was running it about one full turn on the valve or so.

Thanks for your help.

Hi I'm Squeezy's brother.
It sounds like you are turning up to high,but I wouldn't think it would go out because of that.
Was the wind strong that day?
Right now I'm at a loss but,Squeezy will get back to you.
no it hasnt been windy. I called the manufacturer and he said if the lid is too tight it will suffocate the burner causing it to go out. Makes, sense I ran it for 30 minutes with out the smoke on it, and it was fine. Well, today at lunch I drilled 3 3/4 inch holes on the top of the lid. I'll have to give it a try tonight and see if it comes up to temp. Also, it stayed lit if I cracked the lid.

The adjustment seems touchy. I'm gonne get it to temp a couple times to get the hang of it before this weekend.
OH man!!! I wish you hadn't put holes in it.

First of all, the smoke comes out around where the lid meets the barrel ... I'm sure you must have seen it coming out ... yes?

I would like to know how you set it up to start with ... did you remove the legs of the smoker or is it straddling the burner?
It should be resting on it. See pic below

Mine is sitting on blocks, but as you can see, the smoker is sitting directly on the burner rack.

As my brother pointed out, you should only have the valve turned a small amount to get to 225º ... roughly a quarter to three eigths of an inch ... it is very touchy.

Then there is the venturi ( the squre tube with circular holes on two sides) has an adjustable clip that slides. Also check that there is no obstruction in this tube.

When it is lit is the flame blue or yellow?

Dang I wish you hadn't butchered your lid! It will lose a lot of heat! Hopefully you have something to plug them up...

I'm using the same burner on my ECB and my newer Char Broil without holes or problems.

If you can photograph what you have done so far, it would help me evaluate your problem as well.

Later friend
I'll post pics as soon as I can. The flame is blue and yellow. I have the smoker sitting directly on the burner no legs. I was thinking the water pan might be to close to the burner as well. My water pan sit level with the bottom part of the smoker, not much clearence from the burner
oh yeah, I am pitting in a cover over the wholes so I can adjust. So I'm not worried about the holes
I have not seen the electric version before, so I don't know the setup. You may need to raise your water pan if it is too close.
At a guess, mine is about 6 or 7 inches from the burner.
Out of curiosity, why don't you like the electric heat source and where do you put the wood?
Thanks for the help! The electric would barely get to 220 on a good day. And I went through two heating elements in 6 months. I was putting chunks of wood on the reflector plate to produce smoke. It worked okay, but not the greatest.
You are most welcome ... so have you worked through all your glitches or do you still have some problems?

We want to make sure you can get down to doing some good Q !!!!
THeres a pic of the rig. I had it too 300 + degrees after about 25 minutes, Backed it down to 235 or so after that. At 300 the water was at a good boil, at 235 I would call it a hard simmer.
Smokin a butt and some fatties this weekend, I hope I have the handle on this thing before saturday night... I feel pretty confident. I have brought it up to temp and held it at 230 or so 3 times.
Sounds like you got a handle on it friend ...

The 230º target will work good for you ... just a couple of hints on your butt, I like to line the water pan with foil (easier cleanup) and keep an eye on the water level (boiling dry is nasty) and make sure your meat thermometer is accurate ...
Remember the plateau phase .... p-a-t-i-e-n-c-e !!!

We have a long weekend here .... I'm doing 5 racks of baby backs, some pig candy and a few ABTs down at the lake on my offset ... and I'm looking forward to seeing your pics when I return home ....
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