Spring Hams

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Jul 3, 2005
Ripley WV
Well Im on the ham again,I put the sugar cured ones in the smoker Friday evening and just checked them this morning.After all night of drying its time to lay the smoke to them.This process should wind up Sunday evening about 6 PM with an array of beautifull and tasty fully smoked hams.The country cured hams are still in the cure and will be smoked next weekend and Ive already got friends coming around wanting a taste.The weather could not be better for outdoor smoking and drinking,mid seventies,sunny.The early spring flowers are blooming,the snow birds have returned and are singing at daybreak.Im planning to take the whole brood,6 of us,to the Outback Steakhouse tonight for a feast.Its become a tradition with us on April 1st to go out for a good meal as my bi annual vacation check from work comes in the mail today.I dont know if it can get much better.
Brother David, you are truly an inspiration! With a little luck and some help I will raise a pair of porkers this year and finally be able to smoke my own hams and bacon! (Still have to convert that old fridge!) I have had to depend on a commercial slaughterhouse and smoker to get my pigs done up. This year will be a lot different!
A coworker's father raises pigs so I have a ready source for piglets! Great stock and super disposition. Just got to figure out what to do with the squeal!
Well Im 36 hours in to the smoke and those hams are looking great.I let them rest overnight with just heat and am putting smoke to them again now.This is the step in the procedure where you bring temps up to 160 and actually start slowly bringing the internal temp up to finish with a fully cooked,smoked ham.They have turned a reddish brown color and will end up with a deep mahogany look to them after about 8 to 10 hours of more smoke.Glad to hear Monty youve found a source for some fresh porkers.I usually have mine butchered but have done it myself,its not to bad of a job,but I normally just dont have the time to do it myself.I was lucky to have a weekend off,were really getting covered up at work.As far as what to do with the" squeal" Monty I normally mix mine up with three fingers of Jack Daniels and lightly pass a bottle of seven up over the top of the glass.Enjoy,David
I do hope, Brother David, that you had an enjoyable feast lsat night! Thanks for the tip on the squeal! While I do enjoy a JD every now and again my pleasure of choice is a fine single malt known as Dalwhinney. My grandfather Montgomery grew up near to the distillery and I am his only male heir to enjoy the nectar of Scotland. Have made him proud over the years!

As for my porkers we have a slaughterhouse nearby that will pick up the critters and call when they are processed. Total cost for the service runs about 70 cents per pound live weight. Even though I do enjoy processing my own I am like yourself crowded for time. And not having to clean up afterward cuts down on the visits from coyote and bear. You ought to see the activity when I process chickens and turkeys! Need a coyote pelt?

Enjoy the finishing up on your spring hams and don't forget to share a little food porn with us! I will be picking up a digital camera soon and will share mine as well!
Hey look FOOD PORN.After 48 hours of smoking there done and ready to eat,yum yum.Having been lucky enough to receive these hams for free I think Ill share them with friends and family.I think that makes me the most happy of all,ofcourse eating my share wont be to bad either,David
Congratulations, David! And thank you for sharing with us! I think the gods smiled upon you because they knew you would only improve upon their gift and appreciate it as well! Nice job and great pic!
Hey David- would you be so kind as to make me a ham sammich and send it my way? My stomach is growling something fierce after seeing those awesome hams. Great Job as usual!

OMG-Congratulations Brother David!!! You are the recipient of my 1000th post!! Hopefully, TulsaJeff will be along shortly to tell us what our prizes are!! :D :P LOL
Dutch Im very honered to be the receipiant of your 1000th post,I must be special,at least thats what my mom always told me.Im with you on the prizes maybe Jeff will bestow us with some award fitting for the best damn forum on the net(or some rib rub.)Keep up the good work Dutch,without you this forum would be a lesser place to be,David
WOW! A thousand posts! Good going Dutch! And David, I am terribly jealous! But it will pass! And trust me when I say this would be a much different forum wiothout BOTH of you! And different in a not so good way! Keep at it Brothers!

PS Once again! Great Hams! (Uhhh, you gonna eat all that? Hmmn?)
Monty I wont eat all the ham but I will get my fair share of them.Ive got the butt portions,which are country cured,in the smoker this weekend.This method calls for 72 hours in the smoker with 16 of those hours with smoke on them.Ive never had the time to do them that long but this time around Ill be able to take my time.Last night I picked up two more whole hams from my brother to do for him,all a part of the great ham score we were in on.When this is all done I will have been curing and smoking hams for a solid month,aint life great.
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