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I just use a water bottle that I poked holes in the lid so I just squeeze it and it sprays more than a spray bottle does. That way I can apply enough and more directly.
Most grocery stores sell new clean spray bottles. they will only pump clear liquids (apple juice or wine) but not if you add anything. I tried to put some powder (do not remember what kinda spice) and it clogged it up.
Spray bottles are available at Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Lowes, and Probably Target as well. They can usually be found it the garden or cleaning supplies department. They should not cost more than a Dollar. I bought a pack of 5 for about $3-$4 they have lots of uses i.e. BBQ, Flare-ups when grilling, misting house plants, cleaning supplies ( they work better than the ones that cleaning stuff come in plus you can by large bottles & dispense into spray bottles.

I strongly recommend that the bottles be labeled both for safety & hygiene I label mine “Water Only†“BBQâ€, “Plant Food†use whatever works for you.
I got a spray nozzle from some cleaner and use a coke bottle. Didn't want to look like I was spraying Mr. Clean on the meat. Yea I cleaned it out good. What's a little soap anyway. Can you smoke soap?

I was looking at Dollar General and they did not have a regular spray bottle. But I did find a pressurized bottle (like a garden sprayer, have to pump it. 1 Liter and it gives a nice spritz.
I've been saving all the Salad Dressing Spritzer bottles my fiance buys. (I think they are made by Kens Steakhouse or Wishbone).

I like the smaller size of them, and the spray/mist that comes out is perfect to me.
I am like Java, I usually use 7-up and vinegar. I just bore three holes in the top of the 7-up bottle and squirt it out, it does great.. Hope this helps..
I got mine at wally world, its a small one that fits in my beer fridge in the garage...........They are in the hair care area at wally world.........
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