Spiedies Chicken Kabobs (kinda smoked)

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Aug 11, 2005
Tonight, I'm cutting up chicken to marinate in Spiedies marinade for tomorrow night kabobs on the grill, using Jack Daniels chips in my smoke box.

I have tried the entire Lupo's line of marinades, but the Spiedies is Awesome on chicken.

This is, I believe, a big thing in the western part of New York state.

Good stuff.
Um, do you mean Willkat98?

Meat Mopper is just the current level, as your level is currently New User

Just pointing that out, not picking on anyone.

I have not, and probably will not, ever get to the NY state fair. I ordered the 5 pack assortment from the place I linked too

sorry for the error!

State fair is a brand of speidie marinade, that is sold in alot of the retail stores in western New york. It seems to be the most popular marinade for speidies in that area.

Again sorry for the error

Don't be sorry, I was fun-ing with you.

And thanks for setting me straight on the name brand thing. I'm gonna search online to see if I can get it.

The chicken has been sitting in Spiedie goodness for 12 hours now, with 7 more until I get home.

All that vinegar and stuff actually starts to "cook" the chicken by the time it gets done.

Good stuff.

Going to search that brand now T, thanks!

Is THIS the one?

It says State Fair marinade, under the Salamida's brand

As I was cooking the kabobs tonight, I said, man, this would make a good picture.

Went inside to get the camera, but the rice was starting to stick, so I gave it a stir. Then I got plates out and on the table.

(Shoot!! I forgot about the camera!)

So I had picture perfect pics, but only in my mind.

But the Spiedies kabobs were good!!
I know what you mean Chi-Bill. At my age, I'm finding myself more easily distracted than I once was. The joys of getting old :(
Gary, Gary, Gary.

Please see my posts above.

Look for words that are not the same color.

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Click the word "Spiedies" in the first post, then the "THIS" word in the follow up post by me
Thanks Cajun

I might order a case and gather some addresses

Already have Gary, Noah, and Earl. Might need Cajun and others though.

This Spiedies marinade HAS to be tried. the kabobs rocked tonight
By the way, Bill can you post a link for Southern Flavor, i can never seem to find it, by search, and I am running low, will have to order more this week, before I run out.
I'll request this gets added to the links Gary, but I have not started preaching Southern Flavor here yet, for I have not run out yet. :)

They recently redid their site


I have the lady's name who answers the phone somewhere, I'll did it up
Check the first post, and click the word "spiedie" and you'll go to the Lupo's site. I used the Spiedies marinade from that site Cajun
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