Spicy Brine, and Crispy Too...

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by richoso1, Aug 27, 2008.

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    1 gal. Water
    8 tbsp kosher salt
    4 tbsp packed brown sugar
    3 tbsp Chimayo mild chile powder
    2 tbsp sweet Spanish paprika
    1 tbsp smoked Spanish paprika
    2 tbsp garlic powder
    2 tbsp lemon peel

    Boil contents in 4 cups water, and then let it cool down. Add to 12 cups of cold water and add chicken parts and leave in fridge for 12 hours. Rinse twice using fresh cold water and pat dry. Added my rub to the parts and back in the fridge for another 3 hrs. to let the rub setup. Using apple and cherry wood, I smoked at 450º on the bottom rack until internal temp hit 150º, then moved it to the middle rack which sat at 375º, until internal temp hit 170º. GOSM was in direct sunlight with outside temp at 78º and climbing, the humidity was at 58%. My GOSM was maxed out on the regulator and had a full pan of water. Chicken was moist, full of flavor, and had a crispy skin. Felt good to get a smoke under my belt after being away from Susie Q for so long.
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    Rich, it looks excellent! Thank you for sharing your recipe too![​IMG]
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    yup what ^ say-glad your back smoking rich.
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    Nice, looks great![​IMG]

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