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May 2, 2007
for those that don't keep hot peppers on hand all the time might want to invest in a few bottles of the man made kind. i bought these 3-4 yrs ago and i haven't used half of it, for the price its well Worth it.
the CAP i use the most in salsa's as its an oil
the ground zero i use in spicing up Italian sausage as its a paste and its crushed peppers, and alittle bit on a toothpick will light you up like a Christmas tree (it did me anyway)

anyone remember way back when making your own cinnamon toothpicks? buying the oil and soaking the picks in them? dab the ends in GZ and soak in the cinnamon oil and youll have a heat you wont soon forget.

the pure cap is a slow heat as where the GZ is fast and like fire.

I made many cinamon toothpicks when I was a kid. Used to sell them at school for 10 cents for 2 dozen, lol. Blistered my leg a time or two when the sandwich baggie leaked in my pocket! Man, that was around 35 years ago.
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