Spiced Pulled Pork Sandwiches

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    • 3 tbsp. firmly packed Safeway Light Brown Sugar, divided
    • 3 tsp. ground allspice, divided
    • 2 tsp. kosher salt, divided, plus more to taste
    • 1 bone-in pork shoulder blade roast (3 1/2 lbs.), rinsed and patted dry
    • 8 green onions (4 oz.), coarsely chopped
    • 2 cloves garlic, peeled
    • 2 fresh jalapeño chiles, seeded
    • 2 tbsp. Safeway Tomato Paste
    • 1/4 cup Safeway Cider Vinegar
    • 1/2 tsp. freshly ground black pepper
    • 1 tsp. dried thyme
    • 12 Safeway French Bread Dinner Rolls, split horizontally
    • Lime wedges
    1. Prepare a gas or charcoal grill for indirect, medium-low heat (you can hold your hand 1 to 2 in. above the cooking grate only 2 to 3 seconds; visit our Grilling Essential section for complete instructions). Set a 10- by 12-in. foil drip pan beneath center of cooking grate; fill with 2 qt. water.

    2. In a small bowl, mix 1 tbsp. brown sugar, 2 tsp. allspice, and 1 1/2 tsp. salt; rub over pork. Place pork fat side up on oiled cooking grate over drip pan (not over direct heat). If using charcoal, add 5 briquets to each mound of coals now; repeat every 30 minutes of cooking. Cover charcoal grill and open vents; close lid on gas grill. Cook meat until tender when pierced, about 2 to 2 1/2 hours.

    3. Meanwhile, in a food processor, whirl remaining 2 tbsp. brown sugar, 1 tsp. allspice and 1/2 tsp salt; green onions; garlic; chiles; tomato paste; thyme; pepper; and vinegar and whirl until smooth. When meat is tender, generously baste with half of onion mixture. Cook for 15 minutes and baste again. Cook until coating is brown and meat shreds easily with a fork, about 30 minutes more.

    4. Lift pork to a bowl; and tent with foil. Skim and discard fat from pan liquid. Measure liquid; if more than 1 1/2 cups, pour into a medium saucepan and boil over high heat until reduced to 1 1/2 cups. Cut meat from bone (discard bone). With 2 forks, pull meat into thin shreds; discard fat. Stir in cooking liquid.

    5. Spoon about 1/3 cup pulled pork into each roll. Top with a spoonful of Savory Mango Salsa. Serve with lime wedges to squeeze over the meat and more salt to add to taste.

    PER SERVING 645 CAL., 49% (315 CAL.) FROM FAT; 32 G PROTEIN; 35 G FAT (13 G SAT.); 48 G CARBO (2.1 G FIBER); 1.1 MG SODIUM; 127 MG CHOL.

    the pictures look good what you think, might try this, this weekend
  1. placebo

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    Thanks for the recipe!

    Just a shot in the dark here but.... you don't by any chance work for Safeway do you?[​IMG]
  2. haha yeah....I smell a Safeway plug haha

    No biggy, either way the recipe sounds awesome and they look good !!!!
  3. pitrow

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    hmmm... i have two 3.5 pound shoulders (from safeway no less) defrosting in my fridge for smoking this weekend. I may just give that a shot instead of my normal recipe. Thanks for sharing!
  4. crockadale

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    There ain't no Safeway’s I know of here so I guess I'm SOL. lol
  5. abelman

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    That looks very good, thanks for another for the "to do" file. [​IMG]
  6. davenh

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    Did you have to put that nutrition label info [​IMG] ? Just when I had myself thinking pulled pork was healthy [​IMG] .
  7. waysideranch

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    That's one good looking sammie.
  8. whoops my bad i didnt even notice that lol... you know what is funny is that everytime i try to make something it never comes out looking like the picture but it tastes soo good.

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